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When everyone met at the HQ, the captain declared that they would stay the night at a hotel near the pier.

The trio was very excited, as they LOVED the places at piers.

When they arrived, this is what happened:

Tweak: I wanna go to that deli! Ooh, those donuts look good...

Dashi: Whoa! I want to check out the parade.

Shelly: Whoa, whoa! Alright, how about you meet me at the arcade?

Both: Sure! *run off*

Shelly went to the arcade. He played a bunch of games with other people there, he won tickets, he got prizes, and at last, Dashi and Tweak came.

Dashi: We're here!

Tweak: Hey, look at that!

They all turned to the toy grab. There was, inside, a beautiful shiny blue sea turtle plush. It had glimmering magenta eyes, a tag that said 'One Of A Kind' and it was wedged deep in with the other animals.

Dashi: Let's get it!

Captain: Everyone, report to the hotel lobby!

Shelly: Aww. Let's get it tomorrow, ok?

Tweak: Yeah!