Google Fact

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Google Fact is a program that Google plans to launch sometime in the next year. Google Fact is a computer system that tries to speak only the fact about anything or anything ever. They enjoy to be called as Google and are a very straight forward computer system. They can be found in the Gaming Club room usually unless moved by the player or someone else. It is seen that Google can help the player by getting all the data they have and know about a certain person and can be used as a resource though unlike info-chan, you can not let them know what you are doing. Google will immediately call 911 if they witness you commit a murder of any sort or any suspicious act of criminal mind. They usually try to small talk some people but they are still very reserved unless you can get some private information out of them. It takes a lot of work to get Google to give you facts on a student, which mostly includes you participating in a mini-game like thing, which includes you answering school questions and small talking with them. To avoid them from witnessing a murder in the gaming club either break the computer by using either a screwdriver or an ax or by hiding the computer in the rat poison cabinet in the nurse's office.

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