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Hachiro Awaya is a OC created by WPMasterGangGang.


Hachiro has blue hair & has violet eyes He wears a white shirt, blue tie, black pants & black shoes


Hachiro appears in Kaito Matsuoka's house when he was independed living. He goes to work at the unknown building office.


Hanako Matsuoka

Hanako is the wife of Hachiro. She got murdered by her baddest son Itsuki Matsuoka.

Itsuki Matsuoka

Itsuki is the very baddest son of Hachiro. He stabbed Hachiro & Hanako to death and drove off his getaway Nissan van.

Gakuto Matsuoka

Gakuto is the baddest son of Hachiro. He sexually assulted the nurse Muja Kina after she got a crush on Taro Yamada.

Mikuru Matsuoka

Mikuru is the daughter of Hachiro. She never attack somebody in school and after school.

Kaito Matsuoka

Kaito is the son of Hachiro. He got lonely in the house when his very baddest brother got arrested for killing his parents.


Hachiro Awaya is a little kid when he likes to travel and play old nintendo games.

As a teen he hang out with his friend and his best friend Yandere-chan's Father outside campus.


At 7:15AM Hachiro and his wife is found dead in his home when his baddest son Itsuki Matsuoka stabbed them to death on May 20, 2019. Itsuki drove off his 2008 Nissan Primastar cargo van.

Itsuki got arrested and sentenced 48 years in prison and face charges for murder.

This is the getaway van that Hachiro's baddest son Itsuki drove in a high speed chase.


  • Hachiro likes to work at a office building.