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Hana Abe is a student attending Yamano Highschool. Design and owned by Jaredof/Dakuni.


Hana has brown hair put into two drilltails, hold with white flowers, and light brown eyes. Her face is covered in freckles and she smiles a lot.

She was in the average in terms of height and weight.


Hana has the Savior persona, which means if she notices a murder, she would pull the student away from the murderer, would take them with her then lock the two of them in a room before calling the police. If she notices a corpse, she would call a teacher then follow them to the scene of the crime. She has weak self-defense.

If a camera is aimed at her, she will tilt her head with a confused expression on the face.

She is known for her truly caring nature throughout school, always helping others in need since this young woman values others more than herself. The others members of the gardening club even nicknamed her ''Big Sister", and always enjoy her company.


Hana and her family are known in town for being very passionate folks with gardening, and Hana grew up in the same spirit as her parents, running a small shop dedicated to gardening, and taking care of the family garden with her siblings and parents. From her fist day of school, she always tried to join a gardening club or anything related, and even helped the teachers with it if needed.

It was suring middle school Hana realized her true feelings towards girls, and decided to keep it as a secret since nobody needed to know. In the same time she became a vegetarian, at nobody suprise. Her scholarship was very normal and nothing special ever came out of it, she was a very normal student with no specials characteristics, aside her love for gardening.

When she entered Yamano Highschool, she immediatly joined the Gardening Club and became the most active member in a very short amount of time, even suggesting the leader of the club new ideas. Hana was helping the others members as best as she could, and earned the nickname of "Big Sister" very quickly. To this day, she never left the club nor desired to became its leader. She's happy with her situation, and hopes to find love later on.


  • The Gardening Club : She's fond of every one of them and help them with their club duties the best she can. In return, all of them love her.


Yes, I do love nature of course ! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like these I like to have a walk around school.
— Talking about her love of nature.