Hanako Matsuoka

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Hanako Matsuoka is a OC created by WPMasterGangGang.


Hanako has blue hair. She wears a maid bow, headband & glasses. She has violet eyes. She wears a maid dress, stocking & high heels.


Hanako works at a maid cafe in Buraza Town. She gives food to customers.


Hachiro Awaya

Hachiro is the husband of Hanako. He got murdered by his son Itsuki Matsuoka.

Itsuki Matsuoka

Itsuki is the son of Hanako Matsuoka. He stabbed her and Hachiro to death.

Gakuto Matsuoka

Gakuto is the insane son. He sexually assulted a nurse in Akedemi High School.

Kaito Matsuoka

Kaito is the son of Hanako. He makes out with his girlfriend Kokuma Jutsu.

Mikuru Matsuoka

Mikuru is the daughter of Hanako. She loves to do drawing.


Hanako did best in school and hangsout with her best friend Ryoba Aishi during lunch and break.


Hanako was found dead in her home when her dangerous son Itsuki stabbed her and Hachiro to death and drove off his getaway cargo van.

Itsuki face charges for Murder and sentenced 48 years in prison.


  • Hanako Matsuoka is a maid cafe worker.
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