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Haru Tamaki is an OC that belongs to Wikawika2005


Haru has Senpai's hairstyle and brown hair, Haru wears Uniform 6 and Uniform 3.


Haru is very oblivious about 2 girls crushing on him. Haru is very nice to other people and is respectful to girls.


When witnessing a murder, Haru will rush to the nearest classroom and tell the teacher what happened. He will rush the teacher to the scene and when the teacher calls the police, Haru will rush to a nearby classroom.


Aya Akiyama- Haru and Aya are great friends they hang out once in a while.

Akira Akiyama- Haru and Akira are friends, but Haru is completely clueless about the fact that Akira is in love with him.

Jason Miyamoto- Haru does not understand why Jason likes certain body parts of a woman. Haru and Jason are good friends.

Mika Miyamoto- Haru and Mika usually eat ice cream on weekends when Naomi is busy with "things".

Terry Hoshino- Haru usually goes to Terry for knowledge about love.

Mandy- Haru thinks she should take her face off her book for at least 1 minute.

Tawagoto Nico- Haru does not know her much.

Hazuki- Haru is clueless about the fact that Hazuki is in love with him.