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Hibiki is somewhat taller than normal, standing at 5'11. She has slightly messy bangs, and two ponytails on the side. One is held up with a small white bow, while the other held up with a scrunchie.

Due to her staying at school late, she's usually seen in her uniform which is a dark sweater with a greenish star over a white dress shirt, with a purple-ish plaid skirt. Shorts are worn under, with high socks and mary janes. Usually compared to boys.


Hibiki is usually seen as mean, and she pretty much is. She doesn't enjoy stupid conversations and sees most trends and dumb. She usually doesn't talk to people other then her friends, which she doesn't have many of. She seems to change when seeing certain things, though. For example, when she sees her dog, she seems to become much more caring and kind. In short, she's pretty much just tired and fed up with most things, giving her a cold, and mean atmosphere. Usually said she acts like a boy.


Coming from a big family with all male siblings, Hibiki usually felt as wearing skirts and doing her hair were the only feminine things she could do. Due to this, she believed that she had to change her behavior to that of a gentlemen, and not a female. Overtime, it was something that bothered her for a few years. Soon after, it became obvious to a point where most of her siblings found out. Due to this, they told her that it was okay to act like a female, because she wanted to. It's something that doesn't bother her, and that she doesn't like being brought up. It still slightly affects her behavior, but she's much happier now.


too lonely i am too lonely and too scared to ask for friends


  • Has a pet dog.