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Higashi High School is the main setting in GhoulGirls90's Fanon's Backstory Mode. It was a popular school in Higashi Town where Kei Takahashi, Shiori Aikawa, Kayano Sukado and Yamara Aishi used to attend to. On the 10th week of school in 2019, Yamara murdered its whole population after Kei managed to provide evidence of her killing other girls that caused her reputation to be permanently damaged and ultimately rejected by Hansamuna Hito. Kei, Shiori and Kayano are the only ones who managed to survive the massacre attack created by Yamara.


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In 1990s

The Higashi High School was born on May 1993. The students and teachers began attending this school on July. Its enroll ratings was higher than now because of the school being so popular that helped the students learn everything and for their plans in their future. Like the Akademi High School, it also allowed the students to bring their phones and trusts them to only use them outside the class time.

In 2019

Two years ago before the events of Future Mode, Yamara begins her second year of high school at Higashi High. She was in emotionless state so she wasn't paying attention where she was going. When about to pass by its school gates, she accidentally bumped into a boy. The boy apologizes to Yamara for the accident, but as soon as she looks up, she suddenly fell in love with him that made experience emotions for the first time.

At the tragic event taking place at the end of 10th week, Yamara attacked the Higashi High School as a revenge for her permanent damaged reputation and ultimately tasting rejection from Senpai. She brought the occult book with her and developed herself with a power of flames. She filled the surroundings everywhere around the school with lavas, causing other things to get burning with fires. Yamara then started killing other students for turning on her, the teachers for expelling her and finally, Senpai for rejecting her. Kei, Shiori and Kayano were the last ones remaining in Higashi. They encounter her at the roof of the Higashi School building where they confront her for her criminal actions. They then battled each other until Yamara got somehow overpowered and defeated. Yamara refuses to accept defeat and still attempts to kill both of them but she ended up accidentally getting herself fell off the roof on the lava and most likely gets burned to death. To their dismay, Kei, Shiori and Kayano were unable to save other people and they both had no other options but to escape the school before it completely gets drown with flames.


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