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Hikari is an OC made by WikaWika2005.


Hikari has long black hair and a small blush. She usually wears green and white stockings and panties and often wears uniform 4 or 2. She has green eyes.


Like Tomoko, Hikari is a tsundere. She often acts like that when complimented about her figure.

She has the Loner persona.

When you try to take a picture of her, she will cover her face or turn around.


Her birthday is on May 5.

She lives in Buraza Town with her sister, Hikamori-chan.

Hikari has no interest in relationships.

Hikari wears Green and White panties.

Hikari's name was taken from the song "Hikari E".

Hikari's surname was taken from the anime "Welcome to the NHK"

Hikari is based on Yuuko from A Channel and Stocking from Panty and Stocking.

100 Questions

  • Please tell us your name: Hikari
  • When is your birthday?: May 5
  • Your blood type?: A
  • Please tell us your three sizes?: What makes you think I would tell someone like you!?
  • Tell us about your family composition.: It's just me and Hikamori. My parents go to work in other countries.
  • What's your occupation?: I plan to become a nurse of a High school so I work really hard. But I do like to have fun with my friends.
  • Your favourite food?: Pasta.
  • Favourite animal?: I love all animals, But I like Owls the most.
  • Favourite subject?: Chemistry.
  • Dislike subject?: Language Arts
  • Is there a boy you've been thinking about?: Not really.. I have no love interests. I'm being honest.
  • Do you enjoy school?: Sort of. I enjoy seeing my friends.
  • Are you in any school clubs?: No..
  • What's your motto?: I don't have one.
  • Your special skill?: Defending myself with my long brown stick.
  • Tell us about your treasure? I love my long brown stick.. my Grandma gave it to me when I was little and I always treated it like my treasure..
  • Describe yourself in a single word? Umm.. I don't really know to be honest..
  • Your forte? I'm good at being a leader I guess...
  • Your shortcomings? Follow most rules.
  • Places in your memories? Buraza Town and Tokyo.
  • What is your favourite drink? Vanilla Tea.
  • How good can you swim? Pretty good. But not as good as Momo can.
  • Your timing in 50-meter race? Probably 34th place?
  • Your hobby or obsession? Magazines.
  • Disliked food? Leeks...
  • Anything you want most currently? I want a relationship... To be honest...
  • Afraid of heights? No...
  • Dislike thunder? No.
  • Rainy or sunny? Anything!
  • Do you use pencil or mechanical pencil in school? Pencil.
  • 'What do you eat for breakfast? Toast.
  • Do you believe in ghosts? No! That's just stupid!
  • Can you play any musical instruments? Violin.
  • Are you the outdoor or indoor type? Indoor..
  • Ever in quarrel with your sisters? Isn't it obvious?
  • Do you have a cellphone? Yes.
  • How long is your commute to school? 1 more year left. I'm currently a 2nd year.
  • Do you have more friends than most? It may seem like it but no. I'm only friends with the student council president.
  • Your favourite sports? Tennis
  • How good can you cook? Not that good.. But Hikamori-chan can cook. But Momo is better..
  • Favourite colours? Green.
  • Anything you can never forgive? Boys who cheat on girls!
  • How tall are you? Too personal...
  • Shoe size? Uhh...
  • Your dreams? Becoming a nurse!
  • Do you have any marriage desires? Ehhh... Sort of..
  • Do you dislike hot drinks? OF COURSE NOT!!
  • Do you like bitter coffee? I don't even like coffee..
  • Bed time? 12:00
  • Wake up time? 6:57
  • When you sleep, are you a bed person or futon person? Futon.
  • Are you confident in your ability to concentrate? Yes.
  • Do you have any tips on losing weight? Hashiridase!
  • Between warm soba and chilled soba, which do you like? Warm!
  • Tell us which arm is your dominant arm. I'm not sick but, I'm left handed.
  • Tell us about something lucky that's happened lately. I haven't been blackmailed.
  • Tell us about something unlucky that's happened lately. Someone took a nude shot of me and posted it on 4chan [1]!
  • What's the name of your school anthem? I don't know..
  • What's your favourite flower? Daisy.
  • What's your favourite saying? Don't have one.
  • What's your favourite four kanji phrase? Don't have one.
  • What comes to mind when you think about spring? Flowers and no more coats!
  • And summer? Studying and Summer Break.
  • What about fall? Candy Apples...
  • And then the winter? Hot Coco.
  • If you had a time machine, where would you go? Back to what my parents looked like when they were younger.
  • Do you like reading manga or short stories more? Both. But I like folktales.
  • What's your allowance? I don't have one. I earn money myself.
    • Tell us something a lot of people say about you. People say that I'm cuter than my sister...
    • What are your hobbies? Hitting my sister.
    • Tell us your weight. 41 pounds.. >/////<
    • What are you capable of? Talking back to my sister.
    • What do you wear when you go to bed? A green robe.
    • Has anyone ever asked you out? No. Everybody knows I'm Asexual.
    • If I told you the world would end tomorrow, what would you do? Try reading Yaoi with my sister?
    • Tell us about your daily routine. Cook.School.Job.Home.Cook.Bathe.Sleep.
    • What is something you always carry with you? Long brown stick.
    • Western food? Japanese food? Both.. Western Food is delicious.. *blush*
    • How do you commute to school? I usually walk by myself.
    • What's the last thing you do before going to bed at night? Hug my- NO! I NEVER SAID ANYTHING! *Blush*
    • What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Cuddle with Hikk- *blush* I didn't say anything!!
    • Where are you living right now? The end of Buraza Town.
    • What kind of place is it? Peaceful and Quiet.
    • What's the most interesting thing that's happened to you so far? Miharu joined Student Council!
    • What's the saddest thing that's happened to you? I-I don't remember.
    • Do you like roller coasters? N-not really.
    • How's your eyesight? It's good.
    • What's your favourite holiday? Christmas..
    • What job do you have in school? Student Council.
    • What do you do in your freetime? I don't have freetime. I'm always forced to read Hentai with someone.
    • How long do you study every day? On weekdays, 2 hours, Weekends, 5 hours.
    • Who of your friends can you rely on to give you advice? To give advice? None. I can only rely on myself.
    • What do you do on the weekends? Study and Work.
    • If you could be reincarnated, what would you want to be? My sister. I wonder what it's like..
    • Are the school rules really strict? Hmm.. Not really..
    • What do you have for lunch at school? A bento? The school lunch? Bento.. Hikkamori and I share.
    • How many friends do you have? Not really sure..
    • Do you take any detours when you go home? No...
    • Are you interested in any actors? No.
    • What are your thoughts on the Q&A session? It was nice.. I felt a bit calmer..


My OCs

Hikkamori Sato

They are siblings. They are very distant. They don't like to admit that they love each other.


Hikari thinks Yori is cute. She loves to have conversations with her. They are best friends.

Tomoko Yamazaki

Hikari does not understand why Tomoko ships. They are close frends.

Momo Kawasaki

They are not very close. They both like to fight over Yori.


Miharu and Hikari are both part of Student Council, So they see each other more often than usual.


Hikari avoids him at all costs.

Ryouta Izumi

Hikari thinks Ryouta is way too innocent for his age.

Other OCs

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