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This page, Himari Fujita/CutyCat's Fanon, is a fanon version of an existent canon character and belongs to Moonlight ! Everything listed here is not canon, even tho the character does appear in-game. If you have any question ask her, if you want to edit ask her permission first (exept if it's a constructive edit, like grammar mistakes or missing category) but that's all ! Thanks you ~ ありがとう.

This is part of CutyCat's Fanon !

Himari Fujito (藤里ヒマネ - Fujisato Himane) is a fanon student attending Akademi High School in my franchise, and is created and owned by CutyCat.


Himane Fujisato, also known as Sunflower Boy is a student attending Akademi High School in my fanon, as well as the vice-president of the Gardening Club.

He is known thoughout the school for his undying loyality to his friends and his cheerful and optimistic energy that never fail to make his friends and people around him feel better.


"A bright and cheerful young boy who has been given the cute nickname "Sunflower Boy" by his clubmates and classmates. He is known throughout the school for his bright and cheerful nature, and he will always protect his friends.

He is also the vice-president of the Gardening Club and is trusted to operate it when its leader, Uekika Engimika, is absent."


Himane have short blond hair and blue eyes, and he also have a pale skin tone and a freckled face. He wears a blue flower in the right side of his head.

He is average about his height and weight.

He wear the default male uniform #1 of my fanon, and he is one of the male students that attend Akademi High School. He will appear in week 0, and is the vice-president of the Gardening Club.


Himari is very optimistic, kind, nice but also very protective toward his friends. The more the murders happen in school, the more protective he will get toward his friends.


Himari use the Heroic persona. However, if a camera is pointed at him he will strike a cute pose instead of doing a suspicious pose. If he witness murder he will attempt to aprehend the player and the struggle mini-game will start. If he sees a dead body, he will report it to a teacher. If he sees blood, he will get suspicious and will patrol to see if there are any corspes.


Oh, hi ! What can I help you with ? Oh, me ? Hmm...oh ! Yes, in fact, I do need help. I lost my flower...my blue flower, the one I always keep in my head, but I can't seem to find it anywhere ! Do you think you could search and try to find it back for me ?

— The task of Himane.

Thanks ! I hope you'll find it !

— Accepting his task.

It's okay, I guess I'll have to find it myself.

— Refusing his task.


At 7 AM,

At 8 AM,

At 1 PM, Himane go eat lunch with

At 1:15 PM, Himane go back to class and play with his phone until class starts.

At 3:33 PM,

At 4 PM,

At 5 PM, he leaves school with the other gardening club members.



Ayano Aishi

Himari is unaware of Ayano's true nature and consider her as a normal high school girl. He have a neutral opinion about her.


  • Instead of being a girl, Himari is a boy in my fanon.


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