Himura Saki

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People are a hassle to get to know. Saki quickly decided that if she couldn't find anyone that caught her interest, she'd simply avoid them altogether. Saki enjoys alone time.

Being alone comes with its cons, however, like having to find what to do. After doodling on notes in class, Saki quickly decided she enjoys drawing in her spare time. She doodles what she sees on the roof or during class. She often pairs this past time with music, leaving her too focused on drawing and cutting out her hearing when Ayano may attack students around her.


Saki was never the most social in middle or high school. People never caught her interest unless they were a specific type of person. This caused Saki to isolate herself from most of her peers apart from select individuals. She eats lunch alone apart from when her few friends choose to eat with her.

Saki's isolation in Akademi was never an issue, as specific students were quite... strange. Ayano Aishi, dubbed "Yan-Chan" by peers always rubs Saki the wrong way. She tries to avoid Ayano as best as she can and always feels like something is... off... when she's around.

Similar to Ayano, Osana Najimi never caught the eye of Saki. Or at least, not in a good light. The orange-haired teenager is too clingy and too bubbly to have Saki enjoy her company. Saki actively avoids Osana as best she can so she doesn't have to endure fake socialization with a social butterfly.


Saki fears few things apart from being alone. She knows she keeps to herself, but she doesn't want that to mean she never gains any friends or meaningful relationships.

Saki fears rejection by her peers and crush, Oka, greatly. She is aware Oka does not return the feelings, but that doesn't make being rejected any easier.

After a student goes missing during one of the weeks of school (killed by Yan-Chann, unknown by Akademi students), Saki will develop slight paranoia and will fear sudden movements and the implication of violence.

She also hates spiders.


As a child, Saki lived in a healthy home with good parents and a stable life. She had a few close friends in primary and secondary school years, but around the end of middle school, people started being... odd. Boys and girls would get close to each other, people would get into fights over who liked who and to Saki it was all so dramatic. The young teen decided to set herself apart from her peers and do her best to be her own self.

At the beginning of high school, most students had already found solace in preformed friend groups and clubs. Saki had not. Her hair had been dyed a bright red, she changed her style (apart from her mandatory uniform) and tried to stick out. That was when she noticed all of the girls who adored Taro Yamada. It seemed they all wore fancy headpieces, tall socks, some with jewellery similar to Saki's. But to Saki this didn't matter. She's be her own person and not let outside forces bother her own personality and style.

After two years of having only a few friends and continuing to observer drama within "Senpai's" harem, Saki decided she would try and make her last year count. She joined the Occult Club and grew quite close to Oka. Soon she would realize she had feelings for her club member and leader. Unlucky for Saki, Oka would never seem to return the feelings.

Around the middle of her third year, it became apparent there was one student who stuck out no matter what she tried to do—Ayano Aishi. She was obsessed with Taro Yamada and didn't do the best job hiding it. Saki avoided the nicknamed "Yan-Chan" and Taro to make sure she didn't get in the way of whatever... that... was.

Now, seventeen-going-on-eighteen, Saki does her best to enjoy her third year at Akademi, and hopefully, never get in a fight with Ayano.

Self Defense

Due to her mother and father's constant worry for nighttime attacks on their only daughter, Saki took a few karate classes when she was a child and knows basic self-defense. Apart from breaking out of a wrist hold, making herself dead weight, and trying to avoid being stabbed or punched by dodging, she's quite incapable of getting herself not killed.



Miyuji Shan

Miyuji and Saki ran into each other accidentally when Saki heard the Light Music Club leader playing a song she recognized. The two can be seen talking during lunch during week two.

Kiba Kawaito

Kiba and Saki met after Miyuji introduced Saki to the rest of her club mates after their first meeting. Saki was not impressed by the club members, but Kiba caught her eye. The two can be seen together in the courtyard when they walk into school together during week two and three.

Pippi Osu

Pippi and Saki met during lunch when school had just started out. They bonded over different video games and other similarities. The two can be seen having lunch together every other week.

The Occult Club Members

Himura Saki was quite a loner and had odd interests when she came into high school. When the Occult Club opened up and was available to students, Saki joined it immediately—a club where you can isolate yourself and read "demonic" texts? A definite yes. As well as enjoying the people in the club with whom Saki shares many interest with, Oka Ruto, the club leader, was quite pretty and attracted Saki to the club even more than she already was.


Saki doesn't love most of Akademi High's students, but so far she hasn't made any enemies while attending. Saki does dislike Taro "Senpai" Yamada due to his large harem of girls, including Oka.


Himura Chihiro

Chihiro Himura, Saki's mother, cares greatly for her daughter. Akademi seemed to be a safe high school so Chihiro enrolled her daughter there after agreeing with her husband, Ryo.

Himura Ryo

Ryo Himura, Saki's father, used to work at Akademi and quite enjoys the staff and their methods. The school was a good environment so he made sure to enroll his daughter there.


Oka Ruto

After joining the Occult Club, Saki found it hard to resist the club's leader, Oka. She was shy and quiet, but that meant all the more reason to get to know her. Saki tries her best to get close to Oka and will often be seen walking with her around the school or being close to ger during club meetings.



Witnessing Murder

When Saki witnesses Yan-Chan murdering a fellow student, she will stand still for a moment in shock before running to get a student to call the authorities or call them herself. If Ayano attempts to kill Saki, she will fight back but due to her weak strength she will likely lose and be killed.

Discovering a Corpse

 If it's Oka, Saki will drop to her knees for a moment before pulling out her phone and calling the authorities. She will then look left and right, get up and run away. If it's any other student, Saki will simply call a teacher or a teacher's pet to get help.

Discovering Blood

Saki will quickly run to the closest staff member in order to alert them.

Witnessing Yandere-chan Visibly Insane

Saki will stop dead in her tracks and will be greatly concerned. Once Ayano returns to her normal demeanor, Saki will continue to look at her while she walks away and will stop looking once the two are out of view from each other.

Witnessing Yandere-chan Holding A Weapon

Saki will walk more slowly and be cautious around Ayano if she is holding a weapon. Once she is a fair distance away, Saki will run to a safe space before walking normally.

Witnessing Yandere-chan Taking Lewd Photos

Saki will blush violently and run away no matter the student.

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