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Stop There!!!!


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This OC was adopted by kawaiCats


Hiras has brown hair which is usually in a ponytail.She has chocolate brown and fair

 skin and Grey eyes


Hirasa is a Yandere just like Yandere-Chan.If she sees a murder she won't call the police.If she's you murder her Senpai,Riku Soma, she will give you the comatose game over.


Well......I.i..know...I could do that mysefl bu..ut..can u bring me Ri..i.Kuu..SENPAIIII's underwear from the the boys locker room
— Hirasa telling u her task
— When u say no to her task
Tha..nk I will enjoy hav..ving themmm!!BUT REMEMBER STAY AWAY FROM HIMM!!!
— IF u say yes and bring it to her


Hirasa enters the school building behind Inkyu Basu. She goes to her lockers to wair her indoor shoes. After that she's going to hide behind a tree and stalk Riku Soma, her senpai. If she witnesses you talking to him, she will either straight out give you a comatose or try to get you expelled.She then goes to class 1-1. During lunch, she will go talk with the rainbow 12. She will only talk to Riku.She will then return for class. After class she will go home.


"Thanks but I got to go find Riku-Senpai!"-After complimenting Hirasa

"You better not have killed my senpai..."-After seeing you covered in blood

"Music to my ears!." - After seeing you laughing insanely

"Where'd you get that?I've always wanted one of those!" -After seeing you with a weapon

"A dead body!How nice!" -After she sees a dead body

"Keep up the good work.Just dont ever kill Riku-Senpai!"The day after she witnesses you murder someone

"YOU'RE GONNA PAY BICHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"After she sees you kill Riku



  • Her original owner is Pistachiolord,She will be remember :D