Hoshi Gyutto


Hoshi Gyutto is a second-year student attending Akademi High.


Hoshi has sparkly eyes that look like they hold the universe, long, dark blue hair, and a permanent scowl. She has thick eyebrows. Her stockings have a galaxy pattern on them.


Hoshi has the Sleuth persona, but she always acts like it's low atmosphere. She will look at a camera suspiciously if it's aimed at her. She will take a photo of a murder if she sees one.

Hoshi is strict, serious, and brutish. She finds it hard, if not outright impossible, to sympathize or empathize with others. She is aloof and arrogant. She is also highly intelligent, and is a workaholic. She rarely sleeps. As a result, she's very tired.


In Buraza Town, born and raised, in museums was where she spent most of her days. She was born in a shady part of the town, and she grew to be skeptical and cautious of everything.

She was average in most of her classes, but excelled in Social Studies. Later in life, she gained a scholarship to Akademi High through mysterious circumstances. She wasn't well liked due her always bragging about how she knows many languages. She aims to be in the Japanese army to help her parents out.


Parents: She cares about them, but only enough to want to give them money.

Sakura Akino: Hoshi is suspicious of how she gets rid of bullies. She has a theory that she kidnaps them and kills them, and eats them.


  • She can defuse a bomb.
  • Her favorite anime is Hetalia.
  • According to Google Translate, her name translates to "Star Syzygy".
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