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Ibika Najimi (Pronounced Ee-bee-kuh Nah-jee-mee) is a female student at school, she is also the sister of Osana Najimi and a friend of Raibaru Fumetsu.


Ibika is a short student who has golden hair tied in a pink polka dot scrunchie. Her eyes are pink as well, she also has pink panties with polka dots that matching her thigh high stockings. Her bust size is 0.9.


She’s a Social Butterfly, so she’ll run to the nearest group and call the cops if she catches a murder scene. If you murder someone near her, she’ll run out of the school and hide at home, but it is possible to catch up to her just in time to sneak the kill.

She poses when you aim your phone at her, plus she notices suspicious activity slower than an average student, unlike Raibaru, who detects suspicious stuff faster.


Ibika’s reputation is set to +1 at default:

Liked: +10

Respected: 0

Feared: -1



  • Osana Najimi: Her younger sister, is very clingy of her and hopes to barely leave her. This makes her similar to Hanako Yamada in a way.
  • Raibaru Fumetsu: One of Raibaru’s closest friends, relies on her to protect Osana and herself.


  • Neko Onjou: Thinks he’s cute, so sometimes chases him in hopes to pet him. Constantly called “crazy“ by him.


  • Unnamed father: Wonders where he is since her mother divorced him. Her favorite parent, and stayed by his side until he left.
  • Unnamed mother: Deceased since two years ago, which she mourns her mother’s death at church every Sunday.


At 7:00 She enters school to change her shoes, then she will gossip with Osana by the outdoor cafeteria. She then goes to class 1-2 to learn, and then goes back to the outdoor cafeteria to eat lunch, unless the Monday event with Osana and Senpai is happening, in which she’ll eat with Raibaru outside, away from Osana. She then goes back to class, gossips with Osana and Raibaru at the same place they were at lunch, and keep gossiping until the school day ends. But they’ll wait until Osana is done talking to Senpai as the end of the either normal or sabotaged event.


  • If she had to kill Osana Or Raibaru, she’d choose Raibaru because she cares too much about Osana.
  • The most extreme thing she done was to swallow two whole packs of extra sour Warheads, she vomited afterwards.
  • If Osana and Raibaru died, she’d hang out with Midori Gurin as a coping mechanic.
  • She thinks school should dispose food out of the vending machines, instead of just drinks.