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Ichika Aburaya is a recurring character and currently one of the students that attend Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. She is the daughter of Natsuki Aburaya.


Daughter of Natsuki Aburaya, the late teacher who was a teacher at Akademi High School last year. She wants to become a teacher as her career like her mother once she grows up in the future. Ichika was once cheerful and is open to talk to other people but now became solitude and very silent due to her depression over her mother's death. She is having difficult on coping with the loss of her mother. Sometimes, she couldn't accept that her mother is gone forever. The loss of her mother has resulted to her become distant and withdrawn. No one knows that she was sad because of losing her mother as she isn't willing to discuss of what problem was really concerning her, even though, she would appreciate their help on trying to cheer her up but still prefers to be alone for now.

Oh, and one more thing... Make also sure that she stays unaware about your actions last year since you were the cause of losing her mother. It should be pretty obvious that you already know what happens if she finds out...


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Ichika was once cheerful and is open to socialize with other people until her mother was killed in massacre at the Akademi High School. She became very depressed and is having hard time coping with the loss of her mother. She began to become distant and withdrawn that she is not sociable anymore. Besides Simon, she isn't willing to discuss with anyone of what problem was concerning her so no one else know about her losing her mother.


Ichika uses the Loner persona. Although she is loner, she reacts with a suspicious look if Ayano aims a camera at her. If she witnesses the murder, she will run away from school and call the police. She cannot participate any physical confrontations against murderers.

As Simon, Ichika will give a slight smile if he aims a camera at her.


Natsuki Aburaya

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Ichika's task is only available to Simon.

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Um, well...I really I wish could talk with you but...I'm not really in good mood to talk right now. Sorry... but maybe next time.
— Ayano attempting to talk to her.
Oh, hello, Simon...
— Simon speaking to her.
Uh... wow, I knew you would ask me that question.
Ahehe, I guess you got me. I keep trying to avoid anyone seeing my sad look. I just didn't want anyone to get concerned with me and having them to be there to help me.
I guess I like your reputation of helping like almost everyone in our school, but... I don't know if I should tell you my problem... I just don't feel...discussing it to anyone. I want to be alone right now, but... Ugh, you know what? I think I should tell you my problem what's making me really sad and keeping myself alone all the time. But, please don't tell anyone until I'm ready to talk about it with them.
— Ichika's task to Simon.


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