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Luciano Menendez (better known as Igor Luan) is a OC created by WPMasterGangGang.


Luciano has tan skin, has black facial hair & has brown eyes. He wears a black backwards baseball cap, aqua rag cap, black shades, silver cross necklace, white T-shirt, black unzipped jacket, black jeans & white shoes.


Luciano have normal behavior similar to the Social Butterfly persona, but instead of talking next to the fountain they will go to the roof to read a book.

Upon seeing the player carrying a weapon, they act suspicious and act like Ayano Aishi would in that situation.

If Luciano see the player committing murder, he will act shocked but will eventually do the "Evil" pose and ask them if they would like help. At this point, it is possible to attempt to kill them (But if they are in the martial arts club they will put up a fight), but it is also possible to say yes and let them "tag along". After a minute or two in-game of following the player around, they will excuse themselves to "go to the bathroom". But instead of doing that, they will either promptly escape the school and call the police OR, if they are in the Martial Arts Club, will apprehend the Luciano from behind.

If you point the camera at Luciano, he will put up his gang signs and yell AZTECAS 4 LIFE.


Reina Hanae

She got a crush on him when she reads books while sitting on the fountain during campus break hours.


Luciano is tired about getting stuck in traffic when he goes to his old High School in the United States and cause him to be late at school before he moved to Japan.


  • Luciano is the 17 year old gang member from Varrios Los Aztecas.
  • Igor Luan is Luciano's nickname.