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Info-chan is a canon character in Yandere Simulator.


"Info-chan is the nickname given to an information broker who specializes in collecting and selling dark secrets.

"Nobody knows her real name. Nobody knows what her face looks like. Nobody knows how she gathers her information. Nobody knows how she has gained such a dangerous amount of power and influence over such a short span of time. Some people don't even believe she really exists.

"What people DO know is that, if you want a favor from her, all you need to do is text her a photograph of a girl's panties...and if she wants a favor from YOU, you'd better do exactly as she asks...or else."


Info-chan has short red hairs that seems to fan out at the ends, along with a parted fringe. Her eyes are red as well, as seen in illustrations. Always depicted with rectangular red-rimmed glasses. Although she is not a normal student, she still wears the default school uniform, regardless of customization. The rest of her body is shown as a black silhouette, however the player can peek into the Info Club to see her.


Info-chan is merciless. She isn't above manipulating, blackmailing, or breaking the law. She serves only for her own gain.


Ayano Aishi

Info-chan will gladly perform favors for Ayano in exchange for stolen phones, planting listening devices, photographs of students' faces or panties, and bounties. The two are allies.

Osana Najimi

Info-chan wishes her harm, the reason behind this is currently unknown.

Taro Yamada

Info-chan does not hate, like, or love Senpai.


  • Her hair is presumably a wig, as heard in one of the Headmaster's tapes.
  • Originally, Info-chan was planned to be the final and would have just used Ayano to get rid of her other rivals, but this idea was scrapped.
  • In Yandere Simulator's original prototype, Info-chan was the president of the newspaper club, and wanted Ayano to perform criminal acts to make her newspapers more "juicy".
  • She is likely asexual.
  • If Info-chan ever did find herself becoming attracted to another person, it would probably be because that person can accomplish things she can't.
  • She hates Midori.
  • Shiromi Torayoshi is aware of her existence.
  • By pressing the H key 18 times, the player can wear Info-chan's hairstyle.


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