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Ryoko has messy dark red hair and yellow contacts. She has a tiny ahoge on her hair. Ryoko is underweight, weighing only 95 pounds. She is 5'3.

Ryoko wears the default school uniform with a red cardigan. She wears knee-high white stockings.


Ryoko has the 'Loner' persona. If she witnesses murder she will take a picture of the scene, and then run out of the school


Ryoko is highly anti-social to the point where one could assume she was mute. When she is mad, you can expect flamewars about people on social media. She has a bad stutter, causing teasing from others.

She often holes up in one of the storage rooms with a laptop and locks the door. She does this so she can work in peace, and to avoid social interaction.



Ryoko has a crush on Yuna. Yuna hates Ryoko's fake identity, but she does like Ryoko as a friend. They have been friends since they were 10 years old, but Ryoko can't bring herself to tell Yuna about her fake identity

Surprisingly, Ryoko and Kizana get along. Ryoko is Kizana's 2nd suitor (if her main suitor dies).


Ryoko and Yui sometimes eat lunch together. However, the two are actually twins, switched at birth. Ryoko feels like she knows Yui from before high school, but she can't remember where from.

  • Makiko Higashi

Ryoko is curious about what sex with her is like.


  • Saki Kiyabu

Ryoko hates Saki, and starts fights with her on social media.


  • Ryoko sometimes buys Valentine's Day cards from Kiyabu Corp. and mails them out to random students to prank them.
  • Ryoko is perverted, and is often bullied for this. Ryoko is often ashamed of being a pervert.
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