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Ingurai Najako is made by Lovely, but it's owned by Tea Ma'am.


Ingurai has hot pink blush with some rosy red. She has medium length hair that is salmon that fades into light blue. She has a pink tropical flower on the right side of her head. She has a default school uniform.


Ingurai is a sweet loving, bubbly and sometimes ditzy little sister. She loves ice cream. When she is around her brother she tends to hug him and she enjoys spending time with him. Ingurai is also moe.


Shurui Najako

She thinks her big brother is very cute and most of the times has a big urge to hug him. Ingurai think he is as cute as a baby panda. She also acknowledges his bright idea's for when he and her are ever in a sticky situation or problem. And she will always love him no matter what. She also think he's gayable. Because of his weird and kind of sexual interaction with men.

Akihiko Ryuu

Her boyfriend. She loves him very much.


  • Ingurai killed everyone with a cupcake blaster jk
  • Ingurai loves ice cream a lot
  • Sometimes Ingurai can be a bit lewd toward her brother



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