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Isabelle Ijimika is an OC created and owned by CutyCat.


Isabelle have short brown hair and brown eyes. She have a pale skin and wears a dark red round hat. She also wears makeup. She wears the default uniform #1 of my fanon with dark red short stockings. She is one of the female student that attend Akademi High. She will appear in week 0.


Isabelle's persona is Bookworm. Isabelle loves to read. She is incredibly smart. She basically always hang out in the library and would rather not love to leave. She will always talk about what books she had read. When pointing a camera at her she will make a suspicious look. When witnessing murder she will hide in the library, lock the door and call the police.





Abata Kouisha

Like everyone, Isabelle finds Abata amazing and really caring. She admires her.

Musinshami Yakatobe

She hates her, finding her to be selfish and spoiled, like the other bullies.



She hates all of them, due to the fact that Isabelle got bullied a lot at her old school. She finds them spoiled and fake, so she avoid them a lot.


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