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Isamu Kuniharu is an OC attending Yamano Highschool. Owned by Jaredof/Dakuni. Design goes to Jaredof.


Isamu has charcoal black hair, swept behind and cyan eyes, there color look like the sky. He almost has a serious look on the face.

He wears the default male uniform, and although he's very tall, he has a medium-light weight.


Since he has the Heroic persona, he will run up and try to pin down a murderer. If he notices a corpse, he will run to a teacher to tells them. He fights-back with strong self-defense.

He's known as a charismatic persons, always reliable, but also as someone arrogant and pretentious. He loves to talk about him.

He will crosses his arms if a camera is pointed at him.


Isamu was born in August 2001, but he never knew his mother, she died while bringing him to life. He then grew up with his father and older siblings in the suburbs of Tokyo.

Already at a young age, he showed a great wish of knowledge and taking responsibilities. He then started to baby-sit the kids of his neighborhood, then he was know all around the suburb where he lived. Even in scholar time, he invested himself in the community, or insisting to lead the sport team.

When he reached 14 years, his dad sent him to his uncle who resided in Buraza Town by the time, and Isamu had a favorite about the small calm town, and the next winter the family moved on.

He still stayed active in the community life, at the age of 15 he begun to act with peoples of an aid organization, and to this day he's one of the most actives members.

Entering one of the town highschools, Yamano High, he was quickly appreciated of his comrades, since he was always willing to help someone in need, and his charisma was not be neglected. But his arrogant side put him in troubles a couple of times.

Nos he's a quite popular student, rivaling with the martial arts club leader and always willing to help, but still boastful.


  • Ryuji Sakaguchi : He dislikes the fact he's almost as popular as him, but despite that he respects him for his strength and motivation.


Ah ! Don't make me laugh, I'm way better than you.
— Bragging himself.
Maybe you need some help ? What can I do for you ?
— Offering his help.