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Itsuki Matusoka is a OC created by WPMasterGangGang.


Itsuki has blue hair & eyes. He wears a default uniform.


Itsuki will not pose when a camera is pointed at him. He will just stand with no action. When Itsuki witness you murdering somebody, he will take action. For now, Itsuki will stab you to death with a knife & resulting in a game over.


Hachiro Matsuoka

Hachiro is the father of Itsuki got stabbed by Itsuki.

Hanako Matsuoka

Hanako Matsuoka is the mother of Itsuki got stabbed by Itsuki along with Hachiro.

Kaito Matsuoka

Kaito Matsuoka is the brother of Itsuki when he was by himself with his friends.

Gakuto Matsuoka

Gakuto is the brother of Itsuki when he sexually assulted Muja Kina.

Mikuru Matsuoka

Mikuru Matsuoka is the sister of Itsuki when she likes doing art.


Itsuki got suspended in every middle schools when he threw violence at school bullies. His parents gets angry and let him in his room. Itsuki is in his room and he says he's gonna kill his parents just like O. J. Simpson when he's gonna kill Nicole & Ron.

Murder case

On May 20, 2019. Itsuki stabbed his parents to death when his parents refused him to walk to school by himself. Itsuki drove off in his 2008 Nissan Primastar cargo van and went on a high speed chase. The aftermath is Itsuki got out of his van and handcuffed.

Itsuki got arrested for murder and flee the city. He will be sentenced 48 years in prison and his teacher will remove him from the list in his class.

This is Itsuki's van when he drove off and went on a high speed chase.


  • Itsuki is a dangerous student when he murder his parents.
  • He likes to do bad stuff just he did in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.