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Jun Tatsuzo is a 17-year-old girl who goes to Class 2-2


Jun has olive skin with a round childlike face, along with red eyes. She has long dark red hair which she splits into two twintails and keeps in place with large sea-green hair clips shaped like flower petals. She also has very short "baby" bangs which make her forehead look huge. She wears dark stockings instead of socks.

Many students point out how her puppet resembles Jun, that's because Sakuranbo's appearance is loosely based on herself.


Jun is a playful girl with a childish sense of humor, often she watches cartoons made for children. She likes seeing people smile and laugh. She has a hard time talking to people and making friends, it's not that she's shy, it's just she never knows what to talk about and students think she is strange.

When she is upset, she just wants to be alone. If you approach her while she's angry or sad, she has Sakuranbo face you and yell, "Go away!"

Her persona is a coward.


If you would like your OC to have some sort of relationship with Jun, please comment. I prefer to have a set relationship before roleplaying.

  • Sakuranbo
    • Sakuranbo is a puppet created by Jun in middle school. Jun is very attached to Sakuranbo, she makes sure she brings the puppet with her everywhere, including school. Jun uses Sakuranbo as a way to express herself and feelings and finds that talking through Sakuranbo, she is able to make more friends. More information on Sakuranbo can be found on her page.
  • Steven Blackwind
    • They're friends and also classmates.
  • Amaya Saito
    • They're friends.
  • Deteiku Abi
    • They're friends.




Jun Tatsuzo - Sock Sock Mouth

Jun Tatsuzo's short song "Sock Sock Mouth". This was her first performance and her first song. 


Jun Tatsuzo - Edible Arrangement

Jun's second song, "Edible Arrangements".


Nijigasaki vs Jun Tatsuzo - Singing battle - GachaLife(GLMM)-1


  • The reason her bangs are so short is that she thought cutting them off would get rid of them, she was wrong.
  • She prefers X Tech over Saikou.
  • She lives with her uncle and mother.
  • Her favorite show is Popee the Performer.
  • She dislikes heavy gore.
  • She never swears and finds swearing very wrong and mean.
  • She kinda has a color scheme, red, green and blue