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Juzo Hayabashi is a student attending Yamano Highschool. Design and owned by Jaredof / Dakuni.


Juzo has short brown hair reaching her chin, black eyes and a overall rather feminine face. She wears pink lipstick on occasion.

She's quite short and light. She wears the standard male uniform, even though she wishes to wears the female one. She also wears a lightnote in her hair as a symbol od the Music Club.


Juzo is a loner. If she witnesses murder or a body, she will run out of school and calls the police. She will hide her face in front of a camera.

Described as a very lonely person, Juzo spends most of her time on the rooftop reading books, she doesn't enjoy socials interactions that much, and is too shy anyways. She also avoid peoples to avoid being picked on by many of the student body, thus the young woman doesn't have friends, but she gets along quite well with her clubmembers who treat her normally.


Juzo comes from a very instable family. Since her birth, her parents always told her that they wanted a girl rather than a boy, but decided to keep the baby anyways. Her dad was an alcoholic and picked on the young Juzo a lot, saying how much he was effeminate and would end up gay, and he would kick them out of the house. Thus, she grew up with these ideas in her head, and realized in the end she would feel much better as a girl.

She started to change her behavior and style around 12, and started to wear female cloths, make-up and acted much more feminine than before. Of course, she was bullied harshly in middle school, and even thought of suicide a few times. But she managed to get through everything, even with her family who approved in the end. When she entered highschool, the bullying was less harsh and violent, but it continued from peoples like Sumiye Hashimoto. Seeking a form of protection, she joined the Music Club since she was playing the guitar on her own and liked music. To her surprise, the members and the leader were very comprehentive, and for the first time she gained "friends". Still, her very solitary nature forces her to stay alone outside of her club and class time.


  • The Music Club : She likes them a lot and they get along well, mainly because they didn't rejected her for being transgender. She is particularly fond of the leader.
  • Sumiye Hashimoto : Sumiye picks on her most of the time, as Juzo is one of her victims, and is too shy to try to do anything back.


What ? Yes, I'm a girl, why do you ask ?
— When someone asks her gender out.