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Kaira Temoji is Dimir's first wiki active OC.

So you think this is over? How Naïve Naya, but you know this isn't exactly over between us.
— Kaira speaking about Naya.


Kaira has a mostly normal feminine body type for a third year. She has short, pale blonde hair wrapped into a ponytail. Most mornings she forgets to and arrives at school with hair going a third down her back. Her eyes are a deep shade of blue. Her skin is flawless without a single dimple or zit. She has a big pair of glasses to help with her vision.

Karia isn't tall, but she isn't short either. She is about 170.18 cm in height and about 66.6 kg in weight. Her bust is only the average 1.0 and nothing special. She is more of a thinker than a fighter, so she isn't really able to fight physically.

Karia wears her school's typical uniform for school hours, and her casual clothes after she returns home. She opts to wears a black tang top and jeans. Most of her jeans have atleast one hole in them, with the max being five. During the colder months, she chooses to wear a black coat and black jeans with zero holes in them. The shirt underneath this outfit is a simple t-shirt from her drawer.


Kaira on the outside seems kind and caring. She does lie to get her away and tends to go overboard at times. It sometimes gets so bad she either can't stop herself or she's placed herself in a situation where if one little thing will trigger it all to fall apart and reveal it. For those who trust her, she acts kindly. For those who know her true side, she's more aggressive and hateful towards.


Life was interesting, to say the least for Kaira growing up. She didn't have many close friends, but still had 'friends.' She had an apt to be rather harsh when she would tell the truth, or sometimes just down right cruel. This was all without even realizing it. She did have a little brother who died from cancer, and this experience screwed up Kaira in the head. She never talks about it, but it made her much more hurtful with her words. It wasn't until middle school she realized how many people she had hurt this way, so she opted to lie instead. Lying made her good anyway, and so did the people she told them to. Life was getting better for her. She had met a classmate with dark hair, and begun to hang out with him. Her last year of middle school, and his first year of highschool they began dating. Only their friend Naya grew more and more suspicious over her. Eventually, some bad events happened, and Naya found out how much lying Kaira had done. Naya was backstabbed, and this did not blow over so well. They had a fallout and Kaira was deemed a traitor. Her boyfriend broke up with her. After this she began dating Desmond, but they broke up after a month and a half. She ended up sleeping through her 2nd year entrance ceremony for the most part. She rushed out of bed and ended up sleeping through the rest of it anyway. With a few quick words with Taro and Megami she was headed out. On her way out, she began talking to Kashiko Murasaki over cigarettes and trash talking the student counsel. They headed to a café and talked. This is where Kaira learned of Info-chan. After they finished eating, they dined and dashed. Afterward, Kaira really began to question the people she was agreeing to hang out with. She returned home and fell asleep on her couch. The next day was her first day of her 2nd year. Her next day at school was spent alone for the most part. Kaira had found a spot behind the gymnasium where she could smoke in piece. She thought about everything. Naya. Ayaka. Desmond. Even HIM. She began to feel remorse for her actions and simply sighed. She felt there was no one that even wanted her around. She stared at the cigarette in her hand and thought. She thought of the day prior. Perhaps getting into their click was what she needed.


  • Mysterious Naya girl.
    • The two of them used to be in a small group of friends until they had a fallout. Naya has always showed signs of suspicion of Kaira, but was never able to prove it. This was all until Ayaka proved it. Naya took the rest of the group and Karia was deemed a traitor.
  • Mysterious Ex-Boyfriend.
    • He was in her group of friends, as well as her boyfriend. She tried her best to keep him after she was ratted out by Ayaka. After their fallout, he broke up with her. This left her upset, and she still misses him.
  • Desmond Blake.
    • Another one of her exes.
  • Ayaka sh3 likes saying ahh- daddya.
  • Info-chan
    • Kaira's supplier.


  • She is the main character of the first fanfiction written by Dimir.
    • The series is still ongoing



  • Normal
    • 98**aa12.
  • Bully Concept
    • 98**aa25.