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Kaito Matsuoka is a OC created by WPMasterGangGang.


Kaito has blue long hair. He wears a eyepatch on his right eye. He has left dark violet eye & scar in his face. He wears a default uniform & moon choker.


If Kaito witnesses a murder, he will run out of school to call the police, giving you five minutes to get rid of the evidence there was a murder. Kaito is shy and will not allow you to take photographs of his face.


Hachiro Awaya

Hachiro is Kaito's father. He got stabbed by his baddest son Itsuki Matsuoka.

Hanako Matsuoka

Hanako is Kaito's mother. She also got stabbed by her baddest son Itsuki Matsuoka along with her husband Hachiro.

Itsuki Matsuoka

Itsuki is Kaito's brother. He stabbed his parents to death after he refused go to school by himself and went on a high speed chase in his 2008 Nissan Primastar cargo van.

Gakuto Matsuoka

Gakuto is Kaito's brother. He sexually assulted Muja Kina when she had a crush on Taro Yamada.

Mikuru Matsuoka

Mikuru is Kaito's brother. She is a nice girl and never attack somebody.


Kaito Matsuoka was in kindergarten he got bullied by Cameron Brice & Terris Bruce and took his lunch money. Two of his brothers threw violents at Cameron & Terris.


  • Kaito has a crush on Kokuma Jutsu when he has his first day in Akedemi High.
  • Kaito has less siblings when he's at home.
  • Kaito hangsout with his friends when two of his brothers are in jail.