Kakusareta Shojo

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Kakusareta Shojo *English: Hidden Girl - Kanji: 隠された少女* is a student who attends Akademi High, she is nicknamed Kaku because her name is long.


Kaku has black hair that hides her face, her hair is also tied in mini pigtails. She wears a pale green bow, pale green knee-high stockings, and pale green panties. Her bust size is 1.4 and she is naturally short, being 148 cm tall.


She is a Social Butterfly, but has a few minor twists. When a camera is pointed at her, she does quick and chill peace signs until the camera is lowered. When she witnesses murder, she screams to attract attention, and runs to the biggest crowd. But if another murder is committed in front of Kaku for a second time, she will run out of school without calling the cops.


At 7:00, Kaku enters school, changes her shoes, and plays on her phone, while leaning on a wall.

When class begins, she goes to class 3-1 to learn. She also goes back to class after lunch.

At lunch, she eats alone on a random bench in a hallway. However, if Ibika accepted her confession, Kaku would eat with her.

At cleaning time, Kaku does the same thing as in the morning.

At 5:00, she puts a letter in Ikiba Najimi’s locker, then runs to the cherry tree to confess. Surprisingly Ikiba accents her confession, though she never met her. After the confession, they leave school.


  • Cats are her favorite animal.
  • She has a -2 reputation because students never seen her upper face. Most students guess her eyes are pale green, like her phone case, panties, stockings, and bow.
  • To hide more of her face, shadow was added to fade out the eyes.
  • She rarely is seen without pigtails.
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