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Kalisa Clay is the girlfriend of Winton Douglas.


Kalisa has a black ponytail and brown eyes. She wears a purple Kilo Tray Ballas T-shirt, black skirt, black sandles, Ballas necklace & heart earrings.


She likes to be cute with her hood territory friends in Buraza Town. She loves to drink frappechino in Starbucks. She rides her bike in the park.


Winton Douglas

She had a crush on him until he got 10-year sentence in jail

Other characters

She loves her hood territory friends.


Kalisa is a Cooking Club member in Akademi High School in 2007. She loves to bake sweets to the other Social butterfly on their tables.


Hey Winton i got you some cookies.
Hey Winton wanna go out with me.
Winton where are you babe.
Winton are you there.
What i've up for today.
Aww i wish i could go out with Winton.


  • Kalisa Clay is friends with her hood territory.
  • Kalisa likes to be cute so the Ballas gang would see her look.