Yandere Simulator Fanon Wikia


Kami Dere is a 2nd-year student that currently attends Akademi highschool.


Kami is a rather attractive girl with greyish lavender hair which she put into a ponytail with a white scrunchie. She pulled most of her hair back with a thin cowlick strand by the right side of her face. She also has large grey eyes and wears silver eye shadow along with traditional black mascara and eyeliner.

She has silver earrings and a grey choker.

She wears the default uniform with long sleeves that are rolled up and dark grey knee-high socks.


Kami has a sort of god complex. She is VERY self-entitled with narcissistic tendencies. She expects everyone to pay attention and respect only her.

It is very hard to be friends with her because she gets irritated and bored easily. She normally wants to be with people who seem interesting, however, she only finds them interesting for a certain amount of time before leaving them in the dust.

If she sees the player commit murder she will have a mixed reaction, like a 'At least it wasn't me' reaction.

But if the victim 'opposes' her, she will react like the evil/spiteful persona and thank the player before running off.


Nothing is known about Kami's background, all is known is that her parents work for Saiko Corp, but everything else remains a mystery.


Cooking: Negative

Occult: Positive

Cats: Positive

Friends: Positive/Negative

Family: Negative

Violence: Positive

Drama club: Neutral

Memes: Negative

Anime: Positive

Isolation: Negative

Art club: Neutral

Manga: Negative

Routine/in game

AT: 7:02 AM Kami enters school grounds.

At: 7:04 AM Kami will change her shoes and make her way to the plaza.

AT 7:14 AM Kami stands in the plaza as the current people she finds interesting start walking in and then she will start to converse.

AT 8:00 AM She will go to class 31 and sit at her desk (desk 15) which is by Kashiko Murasaki's desk. Kami starts her morning classes at 8:30 AM, and leaves to the cafeteria to talk to her friends at 1:00 PM.

Between 3.30 PM and 4.30 PM she will go to the girls bathroom and read in one of the stalls as she will not participate in Cleaning Time. At 4.30 PM, she will continue patrolling the plaza and then go home.


"Wow, I'm not really surprised at all, to be honest, I expected it" - When yandere chan posts about Kokona.

"Hay, if you want to spread a rumour make it more believable" - When yandere chan posts something incorrect about Kokona.

"Hey! You don't have permission to do that!" - When she catches Yandere chan taking panty shots.