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He has blonde hair with a pink sakura flower crown. (Base by Avnore.)


Kiko Namato

He has a boyfriend named Kiko Namato, he always keeps Kiko safe and goes  everywhere with him.


He is a "Social Loner", but likes to be with Kiko Namato.


"No matter what, I will do anything for you." - When he says something romantic

"What the?" - Seeing a blood stain

"I need to keep Kiko safe!" - He says if he sees Ayano kill somebody

"Get back!" - If Ayano looks very scary

"Why aren't you wearing clothes?" - Reacting to Ayano nude

"Come on, just a few more minutes" - He says when Kiko wants to go to is club activity

"How did my beloved Kiko get out of sight?" - If you murder Kiko he would instantly look everywhere for him

"Shit! I need to find and escape with Kiko!!" - If he sees a dead body

"Kiko, I couldn't protect you." - If he finds Kiko's body he will cry and then try find and kill the

killer, and then end himself.


  • He dates Kiko.
  • He apparently keeps his boyfriend Kiko up from sleeping.

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