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Katsumi Hayashida is a character and was one of the students that attend Higashi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon's Backstory Mode. She was the president of Martial Arts Club.


Katsumi Hayashida is a popular figure in Higashi High, known for her friendliness and kind attitude, her powerful physique, and also her undeniable skill at martial arts. She became the leader of the Martial Arts Club when he 100% learned all the techniques that makes her capable to teach anyone to do martial art techniques. She also has maintained a complete winning streak and is considered to be the strongest student at school.

Katsumi is very known to express a strong distaste for students who have disrespectful attitude. She is quick to rush to the aid of anyone that is being harassed by other students. There was also been someone tried to win the fight with her but no one was always able to defeat her.


As Katsumi has friends, she is shown to be always cheerful. Since she is a popular student, it is clear that she's smart and intelligent. Because of her popularity, most of other students often flock around her but they won't hesitate to leave her alone if Katsumi is busy at the moment for her to talk with them.


Kei Takahashi

Katsumi has a good relationship with Kei since they were clubmates before. She was her favorite apprentice and was thinking to make her the next club leader due to her combat skills almost becoming like hers until soon she decided to retire from their club. Though, Katsumi felt sad over this, she respects her decision and hopes she would visit their club if she is free at the moment.

Yamara Aishi

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Two years ago, at the 10th week of school in Higashi High, Katsumi attempted to stop Yamara from attacking the school and its population after her plan gets foiled. She managed to corner Yamara at the female's comfort room and battles her but ended up being overpowered. Unable to get back up due to Yamara's invincible strength injured her, she is then stabbed in the abdomen by Yamara with her knife and leaves her to bleed to death. She is later found by Kei and Shiori. To Kei's outcast, she tells the two girls to leave her and stop Yamara but Kei is hesitant to leave her behind and desperatedly wants to save her, insisting she should come with them. But Katsumi says she won't make it and even Kei tries to tell her not to give up. She tearfully says to Kei that she is sorry that she didn't believed her at first place about Yamara being the culprit behind the murder and yet she was weak to stop her. Kei quickly says she doesn't need to apologize and it isn't her fault. Katsumi weakly smiled at her. Before she could say another word for her, Katsumi dies from her injuries, much to Kei's heartbreak.

Powers and abilities

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