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This OC was adopted by Annick's Aunt :^)


Kayomi is a screamer

Screamers are successors of the Social Butterflies, as they both describe very loud and talkative persons. When a Screamer witnesses murder, they scream as loud as they possibly can. Their scream alerts the NPCs who are nearby. For example, if a Screamer witnesses murder on the rooftop, their scream will alert the personas of the students on the whole rooftop. First, other students will look in the direction of the Screamer. Then, they will look around to see anything suspicious. If they see Yandere-chan bloody, insane, or holding a bloody weapon near a body, they will find you suspicious and their personas are triggered. As school atmosphere drops, the stronger the scream will get. If doors are open, the scream will alert students on the previous floor. The students below will run up to see what's going on. If you are found acting suspiciously, their personas will be triggered. After the scream, the student flees the school.When the player is trying to take a picture of a Kayomi, she will give you the same pose as a social butterfly. Kayomi is also pretty childish. Secretly, Kayomi is a Yandere.


Kayomi has black hair that is put up in two pigtails on the side of her head. People call her cute and Kuwait for her appearance which is one of the reasons she popular. Her pigtails are held up with red bows her late mother gave her. She has chocolate brown eyes. Under her shirt and on her legs she has perculiar bruises and scratches but she says it was because of a bike accident.



???-Her Senpai. Kayomi loves her with all her heart and is not afraid to eliminate anyone who gets in her way.

Her Father-Kayomi and her father do not have a healthy relationship. Her dad abuses her and is drunk half of the time but she would never tell a single soul about that. It is why she has bruises and scratches of her body.

Subara Shipan: Believes that she is a reincarnation of Yawaza Nico. Stalks her in order to see if she ever says the catchphrase

Kanna Kaito: Finds her extremely strange. Kanna keeps her distance.


-She is a Yandere secretly

-Her portrait was made by TheFunGame