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Kenji Najimi is the father of Osana Najimi, Natsuko Najimi & Tarou Najimi.


Kenji has blue hair, blue eyes & light skin. He wears glasses & black suit & blue tie.


Kenji will send Ayano Aishi to the guidance counselor if she is caught misbehaving. He will be reported of murder by Teacher's Pets. If Kenji sees a corpse, he will call the police and then guard the corpse until the police arrive. Kenji will give the player a suspicious look if she tries to take a picture of him. If she murders a student in front of Kenji, he will chase and restrain Ayano Aishi. Friendly But Strict is essentially the same, but Kenji react to the camera differently.


Other characters

Kenji watches those students getting on time on their classes.


Kenji Najimi was born in Fukushima, Japan in 1961. 8-years later he decided to have 100% grades in school. In 1977 he graduated Akademi High School. In 2001 he worked as a Headmaster in Akademi High School after graduated Collage.


On August 31 Kenji died from a stabbing from 6 Seville Boulevard gang members at 3:00am. 6 Seville Boulevard gang members drove a 2005 Mercedes-Benz Viano. 2 of them are arrested & 3 of them was taken in custody.


  • He is the spouse is Sakura Najimi.
  • He is a headmaster in Akademi high School.