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Kira Nagumo is a character of Dimir.

If I could have my way there'd be only me and animals in this world, because I hate people.
— Kira.


She has long, colorful brown hair hanging down her head. Some mornings she forgets to brush, but it later smooths out anyway. Kira has a mostly normal feminine body type for a third year. Her eyes are a dark brown to go along with her hair.

Karia isn't tall, but she isn't short. She is about 167.64 cm in height and about 63.1 kg in weight. Her bust is only the average 1.0. Kira doesn't have a lot of physical strength, and opts to use her brain power more.

Karia wears her school's typical uniform for school hours, and her casual clothes after she returns home. She prefers to wear a black t-shirt and denim jeans. Often times she wears a choker around her neck. The shirt underneath this outfit is a simple t-shirt from her drawer.


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  • Mysterious Naya girl.
    • One of Kira's only few friends. Throughout the years, and despite their fights, Kira has gained a crush on her.
  • Ayaka Hisashi
    • Ayaka and Kira do not like each other. Period. Them in the same room can turn into a bloodbath.
  • Kaira Temoji
    • Kira feels betrayed by her after the multiple times Kaira took advantage of her little bit of kindness.


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  • Uniform
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  • Casual
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