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Kiseki's hair is a dark pink-red color. Their bangs are sideswept and slightly messy, while they have a ponytail on the opposite direction of where their bags are flowing. The tips of Kiseki's hair fade to a light pink. Their eyes are a grey shade.


Kiseki is confident and loud. They are quite nosy and oblivious, never knowing when to take a hint. Kiseki almost always has a smile on their face. Kiseki is very caring and protective of her friends.

If Kiseki witnesses murder they will run to the nearest teacher. They'll tell them what happened and stick by the teacher for the rest of the day. Afterwards, Kiseki will continue on normally but slightly mind broken, the only people they'll speak to about the murder are her friends.


At 7:05, Kiseki will walk into school and switch into their indoor shoes.

At 7:10, they will leave to talk with their friends until 7:50, when she heads to class.

They will then attend class 2-2 until lunch, where she eats on the roof.

Kiseki will attend class again at 1:30.

Afterwards, once classes end, they will start cleaning up the school until 6:00, in which Kiseki will switch her shoes and walk back home.

On Wednesday and Thursday,they goes to the Ice Skating Club which meets at the front of the school until a white bus with the words Suketo Ice Rink on it.


If the player wishes to befriend Kiseki they must first complete her task. Accepting to do so will result in a mini game where the character must help them matchmake two of Kiseki friends.




"Wha-what!?"This can't be happening!"After witnessing murder

"Oh god......"When seeing a dead body

"Is that.....b-b-blood?"When seeing blood on the ground

"Why are you carrying that around?"When seeing the player with a weapon

"A-Are you okay?"When seeing the player insane

"Well.....my two friends clearly like each other,but none of them will really admit to each other,sadly. Could you help me match make them?" When asking about her task

"I knew this would happen...."When declining her task

"Thanks a bunch!"When accepting her task

"M-Marco!I told you not to call me when I'm at school! I don't want to do that ever again! Even if my life depended on it! WHAT!How much did you say? 500000000 yen! That would make me r-rich!Kind of...Fine!Just this has to be the very last time alright? God.......Please forgive for this....." When stalking her on the rooftop on Tuesday morning and hearing her compensated dating call



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