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Koharu has green pigtails and green eyes. She is the tallest girl in the Rainbow 6, being 5'9. She wears green & pink scrunches on her left wrist.

Koharu wears a typical sailor uniform with a green cardigan around her waist.


Koharu has the "Social Butterfly" persona. If you point a camera at her, she will do a cute pose. If she witnesses a murder or sees a dead body she will scream, and run away to call the police.


Koharu is very tired most of the time. This is due to her staying up all night. She is a bit of an airhead, which her friends jokingly poke fun at.

She is gossipy, and tends to spill secrets either accidentally or on purpose. Due to this, no one tells her big secrets.



  • Kokona Haruka

Kokona and Koharu are close friends. Koharu knows she should listen to Kokona's advice but she forgets about it the second after Kokona finishes her sentence.

  • Saki Miyu

Koharu likes Saki, and thinks she's a good friend. They are close friends. Koharu is Saki's impulse control, and vice versa.

  • Yuna Hina

Yuna is Koharu's best friend, and they are almost always together. They have a mutual interest in acting, although neither of them would join the Drama Club due to fear of Kizana's tantrums. They tend to talk at the same time and end up giggling about it.

  • Mei Mio

Koharu appreciates her as a friend. Mei tutors Koharu in almost all of her classes, which is the only reason she's not flunking.


  • Yui Rio

Koharu feels bad for Yui, but she doesn't know how to help, so she just stands while Saki torments Yui. Also, she's scared of Saki.

  • Musume Ronshaku

Musume considers her a good source of information. Koharu tells Musume some gossip, and Musume goes on her way to bully said student.


  • Umeji Kizuguchi

She is scared of him, and often avoids him and the other delinquents whenever possible.