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Kokona Haruka
Kokona Haruka January 4 2019
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation Unknown
Club Cooking
Age Around 18
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush Taro Yamada
Additional Info May be a victim of domestic abuse.

May be engaging in compensated dating in Shisuta Town.

Kokona Haruka is one of the students that attends Akademi High School. She is the current test rival for the debug builds of Yandere Simulator.


Kokona has purple hair that is styled in drills. Her eyes are light purple. She wears the default uniform unless customized. Her bust size is 2. She wears a purple friendship bracelet on her right wrist. She also wears purple panties with matching purple stockings.


Kokona is a Social Butterfly. She will pose cutely if a camera is pointed at her. If she witnesses murder, she will run to a heavily populated area and call the police.


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