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Kokona Haruka is the tritagonist and one of the original students before the incident at the Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. She is also the deuteragonist in Yandere Simulator: Shadow Mysteries. She is Simon and Saki's close friend. She is a member and currently the vice president of Drama Club.


A girl who is a close friend of Saki Miyu. This girl and Saki befriended Simon and became also friends with him. She has a father who was being put into debts by Musume Ronshaku's father, the head of the Loan Shark Company.

She has high interest on Drama shows and performing a drama play. She is used to admired Kizana Sunobu, former leader of the Drama Club, and joined the club to learn how to be more like her since her dream was also to have a career of being an actor. This annoys Kizana, who doesn't want anyone imitating her unique style. However, she soon starts to hate Kizana and fed up of her due to her rude and arrogance behavior and even her poor treatment towards her.

Currently, she knows your true nature, so I think its better to avoid her around and witnessing you committing a crime or she'll also report you to her defensive and protective male friend. She'll also try to walk away from you if you attempt to approach her.


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Kokona is friendly, caring, helpful and hard-working girl. She is somewhat quick to anger towards who mock or harass her such as Musume offending her about her father having been forced to pay a debt. She is willing to forgive anyone if they seriously feel remorse for wronging her.


Kokona looking at the camera suspiciously.

Kokona uses the Social Butterfly persona. In Original Mode, she will strike a cute pose if Ayano aims a camera at her.

In Future Mode, she currently gives a suspicious look due to now knowing Ayano's true nature, now being one of Ayano's enemies. If she witnesses Ayano committing murder, Kokona will run and report to Simon about it. She cannot also participate any physical confrontation against murderers unless she sees Ayano killing her friends. If she does sees Ayano attempting to hurt her friends, she will get enraged and run towards her to apprehend her with Budo's strength or Simon's strength if she sees her threatening to attack Saki. Like Simon and Saki, Ayano cannot interact with her because Kokona will always refuse to talk to her as she doesn't feel safe with her around and pretends that she has no time at the moment to have word with her.

As Simon, Kokona will strike a cute pose when he aims a camera on her. He is able to interact with her since he's Kokona's friend.


Saki Miyu

Kokona has been close friend with Saki for a long time. She usually hangouts with her, currently now with Simon, during break times or while the class is not in session. She truly cares for Saki and doesn't want anything bad happen to her.

Kokona may also fall into depression if Saki dies.

Simon Nakoruru

Since last year, Kokona, along with Saki, became also close friends with Simon. She and Saki first met him when noticed him sitting on the bench in lonely look, so they decided to talk to him to cheer him up.

Kizana Sunobu

Kokona used to admire Kizana because she wanted to be like her how good she is on acting to become a famous actress but is eventually fed up of her and started hating her due to her rude behavior towards her. She couldn't tolerate Kizana claiming that the hairstyle she currently has was hers first, when in reality, Kokona is the first one to have a kind of hairstyle of hers before Kizana. She even also threatened Kokona to kick her off the club if she does not change her hairstyle, much to Kokona's annoyance and frustration.

Musume Ronshaku and her father

Kokona strongly hates Musume and is hostile towards her due to her mistreatment towards her. Musume is even aware that her father put Kokona's father into debt so she usually gets harassed and mocked over it. She often gets annoyed and angry with her for her disrespectful behavior.

Although Kokona never interacted with Musume's father, she most likely has a grudge towards him because her father mentioned to her that he was a loan shark and treated her father like a trash or servant. Kokona hated how Musume's father blackmailed his father into paying his debts or he would be sent to prison if he ever is unable to.

Her father

Kokona deeply cares for her father. When her father has been put into debt by Musume's father, she desperatedly wanted to help him with it. She is aware the fact that her father is often mistreated by Musume's father. Sometimes, her father feels he is losing hope about trying to get freed from his debt and even thought that its better to sacrifice himself to get in prison, but Kokona is extremely against this and convinced her father to never give up.

Ayano Aishi

Kokona thinks Ayano is a nice person at first because she was unaware of her true nature until the time she created a chaos in Akademi High by killing its population and destroying the school into pieces. Most likely, Kokona has a grudge towards Ayano after witnessing her true colors but is forced to hide it from her after Ayano found her, Simon and Saki and gets threatened to be killed if they would dare to expose her.


Kokona seems to like Robot-chan because she is impressed by her amazing skills (e.g. being able to socialize with other students, protect innocent ones that are in danger, etc.), thanks to Simon's programming on her. Kokona would also be willing to talk to her.


Oh, hello, Simon!
— Simon talking to Kokona.
Oh, uh, okay...
— Canceling to talk to Kokona.
Oh, I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking!
— Asking Kokona how she's doing right now.


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