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Kokona has purple hair that is styled in drills. Her bangs are parted. Her eyes are purple as well. She wears the default uniform unless customized by the player. She used to wear a purple friendship bracelet on her right wrist, however she no longer does due to most of the other girls disliking her after they found out about her compensated dating. She also wears purple stockings, panties, and a purple scarf with white polka dots. Her bust size is 2.




Kokona is a Coward. If a camera is pointed at her, she will cover her face in fear. If she witnesses murder, she will beg to be spared in exchange for her silence. If she is spared, she will run home without calling the police.


Senpai - Kokona's classmate. She pretends to have a crush on him to cover up her real crush.

Saki Miyu - Kokona's real crush. Saki is also her best friend, but Kokona wants to be her girlfriend. She was one of the only people who didn't abandon her after finding out about her compensated dating.

Kizana 'Sunobu' Haruka - Kokona's twin sister. She used to be often mistaken for her, and vice versa. However, the two girls have wildly different personalities. Kizana doesn't like to state that she's related to Kokona, and goes by a different surname. She also changed her appearance so she would no longer be mistaken for her sister.

Ran Murakami - Ran knows that Kokona's father is in debt, that her mother is dead, and that she does compensate dating. She bullies her with her best friend Sachi.

Sachi Miyara - Sachi assists Ran in bullying Kokona.


  • Once the news was spread that Kokona engaged in compensated dating, most students began to either bully her or avoid her.


  • Portrait by Redandsymmetry. Base by Pumpkinhero2, bangs by TheYandereRedpanda, drills by Akuma Natsume, scarf by BaedereBaemulator.