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Kuroi Supanieru

Kuroi Supanieru is a student at Doggi Akademi, and the leader of the school's Book Club.


Kuroi has navy blueish-grey hair with royal blue streaks in it. Her hair is also curled at the bottom. She is pale-skinned and had yellow eyes with black rectangular/square glasses.


Kuroi is cautious, clever and helpful. Her fave food is rice, she has a love of reading and writing and her favourite lesson is...all of them! (except P.E, as she believes it's unfair to the non-athletic students) Kuroi is often seen reading a book in the library. She is liked by many because she is kind and generous, but not liked by a few because they think she's nerdy. She doesn't like unreasonable people and unclean things.


Kuroi's default reputation is +8

Liked: 65

Respected: 10

Feared: -50


Bonni Sheruti

Erori Chiwawa (Best Friend)

Rokki Shepado

Deizhi Raburadoru

Aribia Tsu

Physical Stats

Height: Short

Weight: Light

Speed: Slow

Strength: Weak