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Kyoko Sakamoto is a OC created by WPMasterGangGang.


Kyoko has black & pink hair, blue eyes & light skin. She wears a Sailor Moon hat, gold diamond hoop earrings, dark grey knotted long sleeve crew neck, black shorts & black tennis shoes.


Kyoko is a Phone Addicted girl. She will strike a cute pose when a camera is pointed at her. When they witness a trespasser in college, she will take a photo and begin texting it to the police. If the photo has evidence that someone is trespassing then the trespasser will get an 'Exposed'. If it doesn't, the police timer will appear.


Ichirō Himura

Ichirō Himura has a crush on Kyoko when he started college.


Kyoko is a friend of Ayano Aishi when she was 15 during Akademi High School.


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