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Kyuji Konagawa is a canon student in Yandere Simulator. He's the suitor of Osana Najimi.


Kyuji has shoulder-length, crimson hair with bangs swept to the left side of his forehead and bright seafoam green eyes. He wears the default school uniform unless customized by the player.

When matchmaking Kyuji with Osana, the player must tell him what Osana is attracted to in order to catch her attention. His appearance depends on what the player tells him to wear. For example, he may show up to school with glasses, tan skin, a ponytail, and piercings.


Kyuji is a loner. If a camera is pointed at him, he will give the player a suspicious look before crossing his arms. He and Toga Tabara are the only loners in the game who have this camera reaction. If Kyuji witnesses a murder, he will run out of school to call the police, giving you five minutes to get rid of the evidence there was a murder. However, if Osana Najimi is killed in front of him, he will attack the player with the strength of a Martial Arts Master.


Osana Najimi

Kyuji has a crush on Osana. You can match-make them in-game in the demo of Yandere Simulator.


  • Kyuji was added on January 15, 2019 build.
  • There are three variants of his hairstyle. (Loose, with ponytail and slicked back).
  • He is often referred to as "Lobster Boy" by fans.
  • Kyuji and Osana can be seen holding hands at the title screen if the player chooses to eliminate Osana by matchmaking.