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Lucas is an OC created and owned by AkariYamamoto2436 that represents him in the YS universe.

Lucas is a adult and is a CEO of an electronics company and is a friend of the Saikou Family.


Lucas has red hair styled in a short high ponytail, and brownish-pink eyes. He wears a red vest. He has bandages on his left arm and his stomach, exposing some of his chest. He wears black pants and black laced boots with red bordering and a red mask with white bordering and two white stripes in the front of the mask. He has a tattoo on his arm, hidden because of the bandages.

Demon Form

Lucas' demon form is fully white, with red hints. His demon form has long, messy red hair with a orange streak and is tied into a braid. He has dull red wings and has red claws. He has two black armbands on both sides of his arm and wears a long-sleeved hoodie, hiding red gloves and dull red pants with leg accessories and shoes with the same color. His demon form also has a black belt with a golden chain attached to it.

Angel Form

Lucas still looks the same as his regular form,but with white wings and a tail.

Mega Angel Form

His Mega-Angel form has large wings and has white bandages with golden blood. He wears white shorts with gold lace and wears a gold armor-like outfit.

Ultra Angel Form

His Ultra form has white hair with golden fade. His left eye turns yellow and his right eyes turns white. He has very large golden wings, a golden halo, and a golden armor-like outfit.

Child Form

His child form still looks like him, of course, he is a child so he wouldn't look like the actual Lucas. His child form has red hair, tied into a ponytail similar to Yuna Hina's. He wears a cross necklace and a white shirt, he has white pants, black boots, and white thigh-high socks. He also wears an orange star hairclip.

Formal Form

He looks the same as his regular form, But has an idle and walking animation of Kuroko Kamenaga. He doesn't wear the hat nor the mask, but his hairstyle is still the same. He wears a black suit with a red tie, red vest, grey pants and undershirt, a Saikou watch, and black shoes with golden chains.

Genderbended Form

Since Lucas is a boy, the genderbended form is a girl. His genderbended form's name is Luna. She has red hair styled in twintails, black earrings, orange eyes, a black cardigan, with a golden necklace, she has white pants and red boots.

Past Lucas

His past appearance has red eyes with no glow, he always has a fake smile when people are in his house, but if they leave, he's in a devastating frown. He's almost naked but wears bandages and white shorts to cover his privates and his body due to the abuse he has with his family. He also has blood on his face.


His swimsuit is Red fading to either Yellow, White or Orange. It has 2 black stripes.

Incubus Form

His incubus form has very dark red hair and very light skin. He wears a white crop top with a open black coat. He wears red rolled-up pants and black boots.


He used to be the CENTER of attention back then, but when his sisters were born, his parents didn't give a crap about him, hated him like he's just some stray dog.

His sisters always lie and always says that it's his fault whenever they did something.

Cause of this, his sanity decreased from 100% to 8%. He doesn't have the shine in his eyes becuase of his depression. All of this happened for 12 years, but he decided to start doing what his family did to them.

He started hitting his sisters, pushing them down the stairs and started to bully them.

Until... His younger brother died while at surgery. The whole family blamed him for his death.

Then he started to become.. A delinquent. He started to distance himself and his sanity decreased from 8% to 1% He now doesn't even give a crap about most people.

Until.. He found Miyanna. They bond each other and is in the same situation. They commited suicide by jumping off the roof in Kimiruku Middle School (if you're experiencing it, please ask for help and get therapy) Then Lucas found Maikeru, his brother. They all had fun but... Lucas and Miyanna came back to earth, started to date, engaged, then married, and that's how their family started. Then they gave birth to Laura, Alyssa and Yohan.

Both of their families tried to reunite with them but both of them know it was a trick to make them suffer yet once again so they rejected the "reunion" both of families did.

Lucas' sister, Diana, died and went to hell, her other sister, Tiffany was devastated and wanted to apologize and Lucas accepted it.

Additional Info

He is a friend of Ichirou Saikou. His middle child, Yohan, is engaged to Megami Saikou. Meanwhile, The youngest child, Laura, is engaged to Megami's brother, Kencho. Alyssa, the oldest child is the Takeshi Family's heir to their business like Megami. Lucas used to be in a paint job, but he was fired. He started his own business about electronics and sold about 2 million electronics in the first year of his business. The Saikou family was impressed and they befriended Lucas. Now, they're the most popular electronic companies in Japan. Their headquarters is also near to each other, Since both of their headquarters are in Shisuta Town. Saisho is often nice to him as well. He is also a prodigy for his business.

In the 4th week, he is kidnapped by the Occult Club and Miyanna is supposed to find him. The reason the Occult Club kidnapped him is to "destroy" his demon form by torturing him. This is also because Kencho payed the club 3,000,0000,000¥.

But, since Lucas is invincible, he could escape the building and randomly teleport to the gates of the headquarters.

His demon form might even kill or scare the Occult Club members in which to protect him.

At the 8th week, the Occult Club members kidnap him again and he no longer has any escape. Miyanna is blackmailed by Oka and Kencho saying to go to an abandoned building to save Lucas. Both Miyanna and Lucas are fallen angels.

The Occult Club is ready to torture him. But Miyanna comes on time and then turns into Maki, Her demon form and jumpscares the Occult Club and saves Lucas. The Buraza Town Police has arrested the Occult Club. and then Lucas has filed a case for kidnapping.

He seems to be overprotective over his own wife, sometimes even jumpscares the perverts with his demon form to stop their "pervy" personality and be traumatized for life.

Alyssa, the heir of his company, is now engaged to Kizano Sunobu.

This leads to the family befriending the Sunobu family.

On the 12th week, The Ronshaku family kidnaps Laura and is forced by the family to give all their money. With the help of the Saikou Family, Laura comes back home safely and the family is arrested.


He wakes up on his headquarters on 5:59 in the morning.

He eats breakfast and opens his laptop to do his work.

Later, he does a meeting with his employees.

He now stays in the office working on his laptop and signing documents.

Laura now goes in the headquarters and visits his office.

Laura now goes out to go on their reserved house in the headquarters.

Lucas goes to their Chief Secretary and gives her the documents he signed.

Lucas wears his mask and goes out to check his business branches.

He now goes back to the main headquarters and goes back to his office.

He now does his work on his laptop again.

He now goes home on 7:20 and eats his dinner.

He now takes a bath on 7:30.

They both sleep at 8:15.


Miyanna Kirami

His wife. They both love each other so much. Sometimes, he gets too overprotective to her when perverts come around her.

Alyssa, Yohan and Laura

His children. No matter what they did wrong, nobody could stop Lucas from defending them. Due to this reason, they love him so much as their parent. Sometimes, if they got in very big trouble, he would not defend them, and say "What you did was wrong!"

Saikou Family

Friends with them for 2 years. Lucas only knows that Kencho is planning to get rid of Megami. However, he pretends that he doesn't know about this.

Ronshaku Family

His daughter, Laura, is kidnapped on the 12th week and to give Laura back, Lucas would sell the company. However, Lucas had defeated the Ronshaku Family and, Laura is bringed back safely.


WARNING!!! This part of the page has mentions of suicide!!

  • He was born in the day Minecraft was released. (May 17) This is also his creator's birthday.
  • His favorite colors are Red, Orange and Yellow.
  • Like Sora, he hates cucumbers.
  • Like Megami, he tolerates Ayano in Akademi.
  • He knows Kencho's evil plans to get rid of Megami but keeps it a secret.
  • He has a secret demon form.
  • He always has his hair in a ponytail.
  • He hates Kizana due to her snobbish personality.
  • He smells like roses and lavender.
  • The student council treats him like he's apart of Student Council.
  • He's a phone addict because of his work.
  • He also tolerates the Occult Club.
  • His net worth is about 9,000,0000,000¥.
  • If he spots Ayano or Hanako, he would give them a spiteful look.
  • He was forced to marry a girl named Sayaka, which is the mother of Hana Daidaiyama, who is deceased in My AU.
  • If playing as Ayano or Hanako, trying to talk to him will result in Ayano or Hanako being pepper-sprayed.
  • Not only does he tolerate Ayano and the Occult Club, he also tolerates Hanako.
  • Like Megami, he thinks of Ayano as a "vulgar creature".
  • He's the VERY FIRST OC made by AkariYamamoto2436.
  • He usually falls asleep immediately when he goes to the private rooms of the headquarters, A. K. A their house.
  • He thinks of The Bullies as "Ganguro" and "Dress-Up Barbies"
  • He thinks of The Science Club as "Intelligent Apprentices".
  • He has an IQ of 157, being able to read at age 3, write at age 4, speak different languages at 6, learn all the countries national anthems by age 8, his self-defense skills by 10, and his acting, painting, music, and sport skills at 13. And even being able to bake and cook at age 14.
  • He is sometimes hot-headed and has anger issues.
  • If Kencho wasn't evil, he'd be friends with him.
  • He thinks of the Gardening Club as "Precious Beans".
  • Mida Rana thinks he is good "prey".
  • He thinks of Muja and Mida as "Stupid People that doesn't have a reason to have a life".
  • If playing as Miyanna, he would give you the Social Butterfly pose.
  • He accepts his children if their LGBT.
  • He knows to learn the piano, guitar, violin, and drums.
  • He often stays off food with sugar.
  • His favorite boba place is Shisuta Crolleste House.
  • He has a Finnish and Chinese descent.
  • He is allergic to eggs and chicken. His creator also has an allergy to eggs and chicken.
  • He used to be softspoken, but after distancing himself, his voice is very deep and masculine.
  • He reads about 9,000 books everyday, which is 8 million a year.
  • He is known as "The Mask Boy" prior to the red mask he wears.
  • Taro thinks of him as mysterious.
  • Hanako thinks of him as an obstacle to beating Megami.
  • The bullies think of him as stupid.
  • He doesn't give a crap about the delinquents.
  • He hates strawberry donuts.
  • He likes cats and dogs.
  • He has a good relationship with Rinmaru and always teaches her if he has time.
  • He and the Gardening Club, especially Uekiya, bond together to save nature.
  • Not only that he hates cucumbers, he also hates bananas.
  • If his Finnish name is translated, it means "Red Virtue".
  • He has mnemophobia, phobia of memories, this is due to his past.
  • He also has fear of his parents and Nyctophobia, which is a phobia of darkness.
  • He also has fear of watching his past, stuck in a time loop.
  • He has power of disintegration, dismember, grow, kill, break, and control humans. He also can change their appearance and freeze them.
  • Nasu-Ka calls him Billionaire Boy Toy, prior to how rich he is along with Mr. Saikou.
  • He hates apples.
  • He once tried to kill himself by hanging himself.
  • He is disgusted whenever he sees Mida Rana.
  • He knows all the digits of pi.
  • His incubus form used to have purple hair fading to black, but then got scrapped.
  • He has ten abs becuase of his invincibility.
  • When he is in his Ultra Angel form, he is gonna be partially colorblind.
  • He has a tattoo hidden in his arm becuase of the bandages.
  • He is an incubus.
  • Along with Miyanna, they both got the most hair and clothing changes out of any OC I made.
  • His first variant of his current look used to have dark purple hair like Miyanna's.
  • He was endorsed by the Saikou Family.
  • He likes to draw anime characters whenever he has free time.
  • He can understand and speak Filipino, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Thai, Hindi, Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese and Korean.
  • His favorite shade of red is Realgar, His favorite shade of Orange is Safety Orange and his favorite Yellow shade is Yellow Ochre.
  • He currently has a lot of good ideas on renovating furniture.
  • He can polish his shoes.
  • People sometimes mistake him as a girl with a very flat chest.

Additional Quotes

(Btw all main quotes are in my userpage)

"Ahahaha~ You thought you can kill me? No! Ara ara~ Try to kill me, I kill you!!! Ahahaha... "
— Lucas when someone tries to kill him.

"Oh...Ayano... Are YOU trying to kill me? Well, sorry, but you can't! I'm already dead! But, I know your a pesky little demon! Ahahaha"
— Lucas when Ayano tries to kill him