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Maka Tansei, whose real name is Mana Tanahashi, is a female student who attents Akademi High in Yandere Simulator.


Maka has long, sea green hair that is styled into a low bun with three markers in it. Her eyes are a vibrant pinkish purple. She wears the default uniform unless customized by the player, along with a black beret. If the Art Club disbands, she will no longer wear the beret. She has the default bust size of 1, and the round eye type.


Maka is a Social Butterfly. She will strike a cute pose if a camera is pointed at her. If she witnesses murder, she will run to a heavily populated area and call the police.

She is described as being quirky and eccentric, with not a care in the world about what people think about her. She only draws bizarre and abstract artwork.


  • Maka was implemented in the July 1st, 2018 build.
  • Her first name means "marker" and her last name means "manage" or "professor".
  • As of July 1st, 2020, her real name is Mana Tanahashi.