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Masae came from a extremely wealthy family who's mother wasn't around a lot because of her doing her job as a materials scientist because her mother wanted to support the family. When Masae was first born, her father took care of Masae because her mother wasn't around a lot and came home at late night. When Masae was in kindergarten, she was the usual cheerful-and-enthusiastic boy back then, not knowing she would turn out thinking she was female, of course, like any usually cheerfully energetic child, he didn't think he was different from the crowd at all and thought he was a usual young boy. But then middle school came along and he started developing breasts. He knew something was wrong but didn't understand why this was happening. He told his parents and his parents were confused and decided that she somehow developed a penis when she was in the When Masae sees blood on the floor : "What's this? i'm telling a teacwomb.


Masae has the dangerous persona, meaning she would pull out pepper spray and spray it into Ayanos eyes and then would tie Ayano up, just like the student council member's do.


Masae is the usual, teenager who is cheerful and neutral a lot, depending on what she's doing. She's also easily confused but, unlike many easily confused people, has a sense of humor.


When Ayano is taking too long to respond. "Since you aren't going to say anything, i'm going."

When Ayano is covered in blood : "D-D-Did you murder someone!? i'm getting you!"

When Ayano is covered in blood (artclub) : (no response)

When Ayano is holding a weapon : "What're you doing with that!? i'm coming for you!"

When Ayano is gossiping about someone to her : "Why don't you tell a teacher or the guidance consular instead of me?"

When Ayano is murdering someone infront of her: " HEY! stop right there! i'll give you to the student council if you don't stop!"

When Masae sees blood on the floor : "What's this? i'm telling a teacher!"


Ayana Hagino

As Ayanas friend, Masae would try to do anything in her power to protect Ayana.

Atsuji Amano

Masae is close friends to Atsuji and gets along with him.


  • Masae somehow convinced the teachers to allow her to carry pepper spray around.
  • Masae is heterosexual
  • Masae is good terms with the student council
  • Masae feels like something is wrong with Ayano.
  • Shes in classroom 3-2
  • She also plays the classical guitar
  • Wants to become a music composer when she becomes older


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(Masaes full body pictures didn't appear so.....yeah.)

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