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The Massacre of the Akademi High is the raid on the Akademi High School, done by Ayano Aishi and indirectly Info-chan. Even though some fought back at Ayano, they end up being defeated and murdered by her hands and ultimately ended in the destruction of the school and the extermination of almost all of its population. Only a few had managed to escape and survive the attack.


Rejection by Senpai

In the first day of second year school, Ayano bumps into Senpai and instantly fell in love him and thinks he's the one who can complete her, but quickly discovers that he has a girl with him, Osana Najimi, who seemingly has interest in him. Refusing to lose the chance, Ayano hatches an evil plan of getting rid of any girls that seems to have interest in Senpai. However, she decides to do non-lethal methods instead such as framing, ruining reputation and matchmaking to avoid taking high risk of ending up making other students to become suspicious on her. Unfortunately later, when Ayano got irritated and loses her temper by a girl who angrily calls her out because she caught her stealing from her, she didn't hesitate to stab the girl to death aggressively. Senpai and other students unexpectedly witnesses Ayano committing murder, he was horrified and disgusted and sternly tells her to get away from him. Horrified and exposed, Ayano rushes to escape the school. The witnesses tried to stop her from getting away with her crimes but she managed to evade them. Not knowing what to do anymore, Ayano quickly went to her home.


Ayano was very saddened that her chance to be Senpai was ultimately ruined but also...angry. Heartbroken, outraged and betrayed, Ayano decides to bring to put an end on Akademi High, especially to those who discriminated her. With the help of Info-chan gathering weapons for her, Ayano set a fire on the school building and started murdering other students aggressively. She laters catches Senpai and managed to corner her and make him face his consequence. Senpai was really horrified of her actions and tries to reason with her. After her explosion behavior about how she fell in love with him, Senpai tries to apologize and begs her to spare him, but Ayano rejects it and thinks he was only lying and making excuse to her in order to escape her. He continously still tries to plead her but Ayano completely ignored him. Before executing him, Ayano says her last words for him "Goodbye, Senpai... say hello to your punishment."

Later, the public has witnessed the school burning in flames and reported to news. The firefighters were called to put the flame out and the police were called as well to investigate the incident. They found the dead bodies of other students/teachers and to Saikou parents' shock and horror, they witnessed Megami's burnt corpse.


After the deaths of numerous students and teachers in Akademi and the school being burned down, Ichirou feels they need to rebuilt a brand new Akademi High School. For unknown reasons, the Saikou Corp's CEO didn't decide to demolish the old Akademi and instead, to leave it abandoned.

The delinquents soon find the abandoned old Akademi High School and took over the place as their own territory.

Meanwhile, Saki and Kokona were slightly traumatized of what Ayano has just done to their school and murdered other students and teachers while Simon was enraged and heartbroken that Ayano had killed many innocent people in their school but was glad he had managed to bring his two close friends to safety. Simon swore that one day Ayano will pay for her crimes she has done.


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