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Mathias Miyoshi (三好・マティアス) is a member of the Photography Club at Akademi High School, and a character featured in TheFunGame's AU. He's a second year student, part of Classroom 2-1.

Mathias was created by the Wikia user DesertFokxtrot, and then was adopted by Avnore as of October 3, 2017. However, as of January 6th, 2018, he has been adopted by MonMonPok★.


Mathias has short, sharp, auburn hair. His eyes are a "dark-ish" purple gradient. He has a tall, average build compared to other students. His skin is fair, a similar tone of many other students.

At school, Mathias wear the fifth male uniform, unless customized by the player. His typical outdoor clothing consists of jeans and T-shirts, whereas his normal attire at home consists of shorts and white shirts.


Mathias tends to be the quiet person, or the shy one who doesn't speak up much. However, when befriended by certain people he is more social. He is classified as a Dandere, however if he is very emotionally attached to someone, he will start to develop possessive tendencies.




Madison Miyoshi

His younger sister.



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