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Megami Saikou is a canon character and a rival in Yandere Simulator. Her father is the owner of Saikou Corp. She will be absent for 9 weeks for school, but has been keeping up by doing online classes and video chatting with the members of her council, despite her being upset about not being able to attend school like a regular student.


"Megami is the heiress to Saikou Corp, the most powerful business conglomerate in Japan. She is impossibly wealthy, a certified genius, has extensive self-defense training, has excelled at everything she has ever attempted to do in her entire life, and has been trained to possess all of the qualities of a perfect leader, to prepare her for the day when she will inherit her father's company. She is also the most beautiful girl in school, the most popular girl in school, AND the student council president, too.

Megami has been absent from school for nine weeks under mysterious circumstances that she has not disclosed to anyone. She has still managed to keep up with her schoolwork by attending class through a laptop, and has also been able to manage the school's student council by attending meetings via video call. She is noticeably upset about this; she strongly believes that she should be attending school like a normal student, and is resentful of her current situation, although she is not at liberty to explain the reasons for her absence.

Megami, unlike all other characters, is fully aware of the fact that there is a dangerous person on school grounds. Once she arrives at school, she will do absolutely everything in her power to protect the school's population - that includes installing security cameras, hiring security guards, and instating a zero-tolerance policy for suspicious behavior. Megami clearly has some very important information that would cause her to go to such extreme lengths...but what does she know? Does Saikou Corp have anything to do with it? And, more importantly, does Senpai have anything to do with it?"


Megami has long, silver-blue hair that reaches her waist. A random strand of hair pokes out of her straight cut bangs. Her eyes are silver as well. In her official illustration, Megami wears the default school uniform, but in her portrait, she wears the Student Council blazer. When implemented, she will likely wear the blazer, as she is the president of the Student Council. She also wears the armband of leadership around her left arm due to being the Student Council president. Her thigh-high stockings and long gloves are both black, lacy and with a red ribbon along the top, as well as small red bows. She wears a lacy choker to match.

In older designs, her color scheme was reversed. Instead of familiar silver hair and silver eyes, she had black hair, as well as black eyes. Her gloves, stockings and choker were white instead of black.


Megami will be a strict disciplinarian. Her self-defense level is at the max and she is the most powerful rival. She's incredibly wealthy, a certified genius, excelled at everything she has ever attempted, and has trained to possess all the qualities of a great leader to prepare herself to take over her father's business. She is described as being not only the most beautiful girl in school, but also the most popular student, along with being the student council president.

Megami's personality and character in general seems to be a parody of a "Mary Sue", as she is incredibly above others and knows things other characters do not, along with her many skills and achievements with seemingly no flaws. YandereDev's alternate name for her is "Mari Tsu," a play on the phrase "Mary Sue" with a stereotypical Japanese accent.


Megami is not yet implemented, meaning that her routine is not fully planned. However, Megami is said to arrive at school in a helicopter, possibly the only aerial vehicle the player will see in Yandere Simulator. Megami's level of suspicion during Week 10 depends on the number of suspicious things that have happened over the past 9 weeks. If the player eliminates previous rivals peacefully, Megami's guard will be lower on week 10. If another member of the Student Council is killed, she will install security cameras around the school.


  • Her first name, Megami, means "goddess" and her surname, "Saikou," means "the highest."
  • She is YandereDev's favorite rival.
  • She appears on a laptop in the student council room, where she has her original design. She also has her face shadowed while talking on the laptop.
  • Megami and her brother, Kencho Saikou do not talk very much. Kencho acts discouraging and flaunting to her to hide how she makes him feel bad.
  • She smells like "Shumukh," a perfume from Dubai.
  • If Yandere-chan had the ability to throw knives, Megami would catch it midair.
  • She has swam with Great White Sharks before.
  • She could potentially win a fight against Osoro Shidesu, if given prior knowledge.
  • Megami is the richest student in school, as well as the most beautiful.


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