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Megami Saikou was one of the original students at Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. She was the heiress to the Saikou Corp who was supposed to take responsibility on inheriting the company. She was the Student Council president. She was eventually killed by Ayano, along with other Student Council, when they tried to stop her from invading the school but were ultimately defeated.


Formerly the president of the Student Council in Akademi High. This girl is someone you really had a hard time to deal with.

I'm grateful you managed to get rid of her, along with the council members. And... her brother appreciates you for that.


Megami Saikou was the daughter of CEO of Saikou Corp, Ichirou Saikou. She was been trained to possess all of the qualities of a perfect leader, to prepare her for the day when she would inherit her father's company. She was also the most beautiful girl in school, the most popular girl in school, and the student council president of the Akademi High too. She became also close friend with Aoi Ryugoku, whom she had helped. She would exactly do everything in her power to protect the school's population.

But, one faithful day, after Ayano Aishi lost her love from Senpai, she used her rage and all her might to destroy her victims who have made her suffer. Along with the Student Council, Megami sacrificed herself to save the school and her people but eventually failed. She and the Student Council were overpowered by Ayano and were killed. Her death has made her parents drove into depression and would not forget about her. With her tragic death, she had ultimately failed her chance to become the responsibility on inheriting Saikou Corp.


Megami is very serious, protective and sometimes formal when to talking to people. In 2020, when she was absent at school due to family business, she was extremely being paranoid and couldn't stop worrying about her school's population' safety since she is aware that one of the female students is a threat.


Aoi Ryugoku

Megami is considered 'sister figure' to Aoi, because she lives with her at home. She befriended Aoi at the event where she lost her left eye due to some reasons.

Kiyoko Tatsuhara

Kiyoko is one of Megami's close friends. It is unknown how they became close ever since Kiyoko got promoted as a Student Council representative. At before the event of Akademi High massacre, Kiyoko had to be absent at Akademi in that time for some reasons. Megami felt disappointed about it but Kiyoko comforts and reassures her that she would be back soon.

Student Council

The Student Council are also Megami's close friends. She strongly cares about the Student Council members and would go so far as to 'violate her orders' if one of them was harmed. It's considered that Megami is also protective towards them as she also does not want one of them to get hurt or any else students. If one of the student council members is killed, Megami would force herself to have cameras and metal detectors to be set up around the school. She would also sadly tell herself about being a failure to protect the 'murdered Student Council member'.

Megami refuses to tolerate a dysfunctional Student Council. If Ayano framed one of them, Megami wouldn't easily believe that they were the killer because she knows they wouldn't really harm someone.

Ayano Aishi

Megami is aware about the Aishi Bloodline that every Aishi Family member is a yandere and threat. As a result, she had a strong dislike and isn't fond of Ayano due to knowing her true nature. Megami learns that Ayano had been stalking to Senpai, making her think that Ayano might be planning to kill him, unaware that Ayano had a crush on Senpai. If she had seen her commit murder, Megami would run towards her in rush and use her bare hands when apprenhending her.

Taro Yamada

Megami discovers Ayano had been stalking to Taro, making her think that she was planning to kill him. As a result, Megami tried to convince Senpai about Ayano, but Senpai couldn't believe her because Ayano had already deceived him about Megami trying to convince her for nothing. Eventually, he did find it out when suddenly saw Ayano commit murder before getting expelled. He apologized to Megami for not believing her, which she gladly accepts.

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