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This OC is available for taking! If you want it please contact Sambo1103 on his message board!


Mei Gachiwekibu is an OC created by Sambo1103.


Mei has green pigtails, each with a pink scrunchie. She has bright green eyes. She wears a purple long-sleeved t-shirt under her uniform with pink ends at the sleeves. She has green and red stockings with cute little waffles strewn around it. She also has a pink hoodie around her waist.


Mei has the Heroic-Butterfly persona. If she sees you murder someone she will try to stop you. If she finds a corpse, though, she will run to a crowded place and call the police. She is very childish and over optimistic. Some people tend to dislike her for this. She is afraid of almost everything, and will freak out at the slightest thing. If she discovers a corpse, she will cry over it, even if she doesn't know who it is.

(No Relationships anymore)

Background Information

Mei grew up going to a very nice private school in Tokyo. After going through severe bullying, though, her parents moved her to Akademi High, where she is now happy and not bullied.


"Yeah, I lost my hoodie the other day. It just blew off! I was so mad at it! Anyways, could you help me find it?" (Task) (Spawns without hoodie until you complete task)

"Really, you'll help me? Thanks!" (Accepting Task)

"Ugh, rude! Fine I guess I can ask someone else...hmph!" (Denying Task)

"Oh you found it! Oh hoodie, I'm so happy you're back! Thanks Ayano!" (Completing Task)

"Yeah I do like him, how did you know it? I thought I was hiding it well..." (Correctly Guessing Crush)

"Uhh, wat? I don't like him. Geez why would you think that?" (Wrongly Guessing Her Crush)

"Oh, thanks!" (Compliment w/ Regular Reputation)

"Oh, wow, um, thank you! That means so much to me!" (Compliment w/ High Reputation)

"Um thanks, I guess" (Compliment w/ Low Reputation)

"Oh my god! No, how could this happen?! I need to call the police." (Seeing a Corpse) (She will cry over the corpse after calling the police)

"What have you done? Why would you do this?! I won't let you get away with this!" (Seeing you murder someone)

"Excuse me that's rude! You shouldn't say that about someone!" (Gossip about anyone)

Daily Schedule

At 6:30 she will head to school and change her shoes.

Around 6:45 she will go to the roof and wait.

Around 7:05 Heikino will arrive and they will talk to each other.

At 8:00 she will head to class and text until class starts.

At 1:00 she will head to the roof to eat with Heikino.

Around 1:20 she will go back to class.

At 3:30 she will head to the roof to chat with her friends.

At 4:00 she will leave the school.